Release Reminder: Air Jordan XI (11) ‘Black/Gamma Blue-Varsity Maize’

Release Reminder: Air Jordan XI (11) ‘Black/Gamma Blue-Varsity Maize’



Arguably one of the most sought after releases of the year, today welcomes none other than the Air Jordan XI (11) “Black/Gamma Blue-Varsity Maize”.

This Air Jordan XI (11) retro has amassed a cult-like following just as every AJ11 holiday release has done over the years, however, this time around Jordan Brand treats us to a new “Gamma Blue” theme. Complete with black patent leather mudguards, cordura mesh uppers, hints of varsity maize and an ice blue sole, this is one release that you do not want to miss.

Priced at $185 and arriving in a family size run, you may purchase the Air Jordan XI (11) “Black/Gamma Blue-Varsity Maize” today through all participating retailers.

Colorway: Black/Gamma Blue-Varsity Maize
Release Date: 12/21/2013
Retail: $185
Product Code: 378037-006

Buy at:
Foot Locker
Champs Sports



  • Brandin Maurice Aragon

    The thirst is real right now and im first in line!

  • Eddie Redice

    eastbay 8am but 1 per customer

  • Andrew Giovanni

    Those shits are ugly as fuck!

  • Matthew Ocky Ockenden

    Copped 2hrs ago

  • Lacey Brewer

    Take those off before you talk to me….

  • Shane Kanapathy

    Denzil J’ Erving and what haha

  • Michael Herwarth

    These r not ugly gonna cop for sure

  • Mark Antonio


  • Jacob Griest

    Rather have the Space jams all day!!!

  • Yolanda Stewart


  • Ryan Veach

    Fuck that hyped up shit y’all can have them wack ass Gammas. I’ll be in the bed

  • Ryan Veach

    I’m not hating. I am mad I lost 3 raffles but I’d rather have any other 11 over the Gammas. Jus sayin. I got the Taxi 12s they were more important to me than the Gammas anyway

  • Ryan Veach

    I’ll jus go up to the mall around 8 and jus offer someone 300 for them.

  • Benny Blanks

    Bots!!!! They got em already

  • Joko Bagus Siswondo

    Haven’t released in Indonesia,and this isn’t a nice pair to cop for me
    Hypebeasts make them like some sacred shoes to cop

  • Andrew Simpson-Blaser

    Nike made 9 million pairs of them they wnt b hard to find if u didnt win the raffle

  • Ryan Veach

    Any retail store u go in today is gonna tell u they’re sold out cause folks got til 6pm to come get their reserved pair. 6pm tonite would be the time to go. But then I’m sure the employees will get the ones people didn’t come get.

  • Bryce Kortum

    You guys think you have it hard……. Try getting these when you live in Australia! Only option was the net, and everything went so dam fast!!

  • Hyped BiggityRandon

    My bot never loses.

  • Ryan Veach

    These are for the kids

  • Deante Scott

    This is bs! I logged in to exactly!

  • Voughan Brown

    Does anyone no the trick to buying them j , s on line.

  • Martin Embeezy Brown

    Got my pair

  • Chico Andreas

    Different color bottoms. How original

  • Anquinetta Wright MzDoinme

    Just left the mall

  • Jon Lopez

    Hell yeah

  • Ericneil1

    sneakerfiles sz 10.5

  • Jinendra Jin

    Not available in India..:'(

  • NinaNeverCared

    SupplyingSwag sneakerfiles

  • maksgozun

    sneakerfiles got one w/o bot…hahaha

  • Brandi Peterson


  • Kevin Regis

    I wished, I’m in a hospital bed right now

  • Michael Watkins

    Got mine!

  • Nicholas Torres


  • Trystan Ciroc Boy Hodges

    H3ll Ye3h

  • connerbutler81

    sneakerfiles anyone got a size 7

  • Casper

    Wonder how many dumbasses paid $300 plus for a GR

  • Mhon Carani Batisan

    Yes 2 pair

  • Dalton2GreenTD

    “sneakerfiles: Did you get a pair of Gamma Air Jordan 11?” yaaaa nucca!

  • Gerald Bransol

    2 pairs

  • Jamar Yung Funeral Ellis

    Gotta get mine

  • Rado Wayne

    Yes! !!!

  • DezTehi

    sneakerfiles nikestore 8:42 and still waiting for my turn, is that even possible?

  • Gelo Dobol A

    Oh yes

  • Terry Hesticles

    Only Broads In Heels Should Wear Patent leather

  • Twiggytheshit Young

    No we pissed

  • Louis King Anderson


  • Brook Polo Bear Taylor

    Yes I got mine a week ago

  • Georgios SneakerAddict


  • Shane Layne

    Yes. IG @ShoeShane

  • Sam Betancourt

    Gettin mine right now!!

  • Salvador Roque

    Nope. Woke up early for nothing. I’m trying to get a pair. Sz 11. No rape prices please.

  • sneakerfiles

    DezTehi nikestore crazy but it’s possible. A lot of people are still waiting

  • Mike Mato

    had em in cart! 2 times and an error accured! SMH cant believe this

  • MrE2M

    sneakerfiles nope

  • Kurt NgSaye

    You know I did

  • Jarryd Patriarca Palmares

    No. 3

  • Justin Amburgey

    Yep, coulda got more than one pair. Living in Europe has it’s advantages.

  • Jason Stuyvesant

    I got 9.5 and 10.5 up for grabs…

  • Jamal Hopsin Darz

    I’ve ordered them! In a week I’ll have them

  • Cameron Leonard-Schroff

    so wak. i say that as a huge 11 collector. Will look good on chikc though

  • Michael Largaespada

    No unless u wanted to pay above retail

  • acdcguy5

    sneakerfiles yeah off of nikestore. Shocking I know

  • Deisal Dee

    Got mine

  • Antonio Showergang Smalls

    Na who selling

  • Gullyone Elcock

    Somebody didn’t pay a bill or 2 just for those shoes..damn shame lmao. Nice but lil wait for a better pair!

  • Jermaine Jones

    Nope another release I was happy to pass on.

  • Elden_Coleman14

    sneakerfiles got mine, took me 45 min on waiting inline.

  • Tash Point O

    Got mine ^_^

  • Justin Pham

    If anyone selling for retail, get at me lol

  • TJ_DizZLe

    “sneakerfiles: Did you get a pair of Gamma Air Jordan 11?” yesssss

  • Tara Passero

    Sure didn’t! Only 11s I like are the Playoffs..

  • Jujujunior

    sneakerfiles YES.

  • Tereshia Fell

    Sure did

  • Omar Colmenero

    Getting them next week

  • Power Trip

    Nope clicked as soon as that last second hit 30 damn times, and they sold..

  • Omar Cabrera

    Got em

  • _____hoopDREAMS

    sneakerfiles i had to lol

  • William Moscoso

    Looking for a 10.5
    Pm me

  • natkingtone

    sneakerfiles of course not.

  • Chris Fleming

    Soo glad I got a pair

  • Jill Yan

    Yeah got them

  • Jill Yan

    Any one looking for sizes??

  • Kiestan Knine Taylor

    Got em on at the store waiting on me…

  • Roman Blum


  • Joe Hernandez

    Size 10.5 for $400 obo

  • Sandy Thomas

    Yes I did!!!

  • Torique Patterson

    Talking the right money you might can get mine 8.5

  • KJ Ygr

    Size 10 for 350 obo

  • Bryan Berger

    Who’s gettin shot first??

  • Rosalinda Elizondo Penuelaz

    Chris Camacho u need to buy some new shoes the ones u have no mas no buddy falling apart so sad

  • Andy Chen


  • DezTehi

    sneakerfiles nikestore finally I got a message OUT OF STOCK after 55mn. Shoe game…. smh

  • Adrien Pedroza

    wtf lol, let me get a 9

  • Bryon Cunningham

    Lol what’s funny is you know there will be like 2 restocks in a few months

  • Christopher Sanchez

    How much for the 7

  • Shelvy So Sincere Archie

    Them are wack I’m cool with my concords and playoff 11s

  • Christian Fleegle

    I cant add them to my cart

  • Cody Prest

    just got home from the mall

  • Serena Faith

    Me n my coworkers got em. We were fourth in line at Footaction. Thank god we got small feet lol

  • Nekaylia Long

    Roya Yang

  • Sean Alexander hooked me up

  • Paul E. Manansala

    Jill Yan I need a size 10 how much I got cash

  • Measha Crosby

    Lol a size 7 n a half

  • Tyrone Scorp Gonzalez

    Hell yea I did

  • Bari Lee

    Bout to go pick mine up now

  • Ray Teamdc Daniel

    funny thing is there still online and all these dummies out waiting in the cold

  • Eda-Sneakerhead Maxwell

    Got mines

  • Bryan Walker

    Ummm its bred 11’s not playoffs

  • Naes1NY

    sneakerfiles yep and sold them

  • Alicia Victorius Callins


  • Hyped BiggityRandon

    Fuck these shoes

  • Kris M Wright

    Nope :-(

  • Leroy Kuyu

    Ugly as hell

  • Jill Yan

    U can all add my brother for the shoes sizes available. just search JR AGLIAM.

  • Bama Boy

    Yes sir 😉

  • Ronell Roach


  • Marco Stahlmann

    Size 9.5 here location germany

  • Tykel To Grovii Banks


  • Chris Sambo got mines.

  • Alexandrea Agustin


  • Willie Whilstiq Smith


  • KJ Ygr

    Lmfao @ playoff 11s. Homie tryna playoff like he kno kiccs

  • Joe Jonsen

    Yup got mine online was very hard to do

  • Trae Traedogg Brent

    Terry White Jr.

  • Dre Day

    Had to knock over 2 kids and beat an old ladies ass for my pair.

  • Idris Flint Made Mayes

    Yessir just bought mines and a size 9.5 for sale too

  • Chris Sambo

    Wake up early and turn on all computers, tablets, phone, etc Voughan Brown

  • Shelvy So Sincere Archie

    Lol stop it stupidity

  • Chris Sundly

    Size 13 make me an offer

  • MardyWorld YaeYae

    bitch i aint got no ticket

  • Jeremy Lamm

    Finish line crashes the minute they go live.

  • Dontray Da Realest Taplin

    I just got mines

  • DaVillE914

    sneakerfiles yup

  • Markkus Mrosek

    Got mine !

  • Young Rich Exavian Washington


  • Michael Barron


  • Duane Martin

    Jarre James

  • Aj Thompkins

    With the raffle I got mine my old lady & my son & it’s the first time did it & turn out good

  • Chris Mundy

    Yea but don’t like bottoms

  • Francisco Corchado Ruiz

    Yes, I did.

  • Matthew Ocky Ockenden

    yeah. Gunna sell em off though

  • Paul McDarment

    Fuck no

  • Jill Yan

    I got 12

  • JO BE

    I want this…

  • GuerreroMagdiel

    sneakerfiles I sure as hell did and I’m rocking em today at the LA Kings game! #jordanswag

  • Kyiden Gensapa


  • Chade Chade

    on the fence gotta see em n a smaller size

  • Skee Khalifa

    No you fucks make em to hard to get em

  • Milkkala Tarver

    I want those they are soo cute lol I dnt care if they are boy shoes who cares

  • Salman Ad

    Kayla Prough

  • Remy LoveStarr

    Frankie Collazo I did :)

  • Alfred Main Beks

    Got mine

  • Rock Judo-bjj

    Yup no problem for me

  • Andres Rios


  • Ronell Cousar

    Nope everybody got same kicks got exclusive barkley s though

  • Iesha LilYella Young

    Everybody and they mama finna be walking around with this same ass shoe…. ummmm nikes please. Be different. Go get a different shoe

  • Jose Reyes

    Getting mines later can’t wait

  • Jonathan Clark

    MJ Just lost a fan

  • Darrel Kidd

    Yes I Did. The first time I got lucky with a big release. #stoked

  • Karen Zhu


  • Ryan Binns


  • Hyped BiggityRandon

    They only made 9 million pairs.

  • Christine Ely


  • Lakisha Jackson

    Anyone selling a 7?

  • Josue Santiago

    Gamma Gamma

  • Tone Capone

    Got me a pair

  • Jonni Nunez

    Sold out.

  • Marquise Davis

    Got mines

  • Jose Perez

    Hell yea a size 10,11, and 12 for my self

  • Tone Capone

    They gone release them in February

  • Perry McIver

    Yeaah…..a month ago all you niggas catchn up to me haha

  • Demorieux Reneau

    Got mine! Yo Gamma, Gamma, Yoooooo

  • Dcorean Love Sosa

    Yes sir I did

  • Engin Kutanoğlu

    for sure #GammaSession

  • Isiah Ma

    Of course

  • Travis James

    Connect came thru last night. :-)

  • Kameron Yungswaggboy Tunstall

    Got me a pair

  • Johnnie Ghee

    Right Now

  • Isiah Ma

    Got it!

  • Ahmad Iamdarealtruth

    Got em

  • Keshaun Edwards


  • Jason Remington Steele Cronin

    If you got these a month ago then you got fakes. Lol.

  • Jamaul Mismewiddatbs Mitchell


  • Nick Brizzi


  • Ivan TheWizard

    It only took me 3 hours online

  • Pj Padilla

    Yes you have 9 and a half.

  • Matthew Cortez

    I sure did..

  • Marko Josimovic

    Ugly ass shoe!

  • Michał SZ


  • Desiree Lopez

    Yup I got 7 wins! Holla if you live in sacramento I’m selling size 5

  • Congo Click

    how much for tha 10.5

  • Bret Blackledge

    Tim O’ Bryant

  • Jay Randolph

    Yes sir

  • Tommy Hidalgo


  • Krystal Bakr

    Nah uh, fuck dat *Kendrick Lamar voice*

  • Edward Christopher

    Got a Sz 9 offer up

  • spdgtkt87

    sneakerfiles No

  • Kelyan Vienne

    Yes, for sure ! ^^

  • Ray Teamdc Daniel

    I have sz 9.5 & 10 – 300 pkus ship. paypal verified and ready to ship today. no hassle here

  • Adrian Hernandez

    I got it 😀

  • N’Adja Palmer


  • Aniya Jones

    I didnt was going to but the store changed somthing

  • Rando Puzon

    hoarder xD

  • Yolanda Hickman Sanders

    Looking for a kids size 7. Can you help?

  • Julian Alvarez

    No :(

  • Brad Stevens

    Waited 3 hours online and as soon as I hit submit with all my info I lost connection .. Kinda pissed .. Lol

  • Mark Miranda

    Yes I did and I got 2 pairs

  • Nick Martini

    Fuk that you think I got rich by writing checks and buying shoes

  • Paperchaser Stacks

    There ok, over rated, bred 11 way better

  • Ramone Hill


  • Man Man

    Hell yea

  • Ashley Belle


  • MzPlumponhershit Brown

    I got mines today

  • Jeffrey Brothernlaw Hernandez

    Yes sirrrr

  • Davon Cole

    Size 9

  • Michael Nuñez

    Nope. I wanted a pair though, but I’m on vacation in Mexico.

  • Marquel J. Granger

    Nope and I’ll never camp out, I wanted them but couldn’t be the bots online smh

  • Robert Hanna

    Hericles Cardoso

  • Michael A Garcia

    LaVonne Mercado

  • La’Dale Horton

    Pa E Lee buy me these ya ya ? 😉

  • Adolfo Rios

    I got a pair sz 9 too small willing to trade or sell

  • LaVonne Mercado

    Awww I can’t wait to get them right now when I go in. On our date I will wear these for you!! Michael Garcia

  • Pa E Lee

    If you buy me one (: La’Dale Horton

  • La’Dale Horton

    Lets do this then I gotchu

  • Pa E Lee


  • Oniell Oniell

    He’ll ya

  • Caroline R. Lim

    Nope, grAbe kc mga reseller here in the Philippines, konti na nga ln ung stock na napunta dito cla pa makikinabang!? Kainis!!!!&(@;/@

  • Keagan Browder

    Fuck nike

  • Rich Derese

    Nah but I bet a bunch of hoodrat females did hahahaha

  • Andre Price

    Nope I couldn’t get a wristband to the es store where they are half off. I would never pay 185 for some Fkn shoes again haven’t in years. I Love Nike and js but I think the price needs to be lowered back to atleast 149. In another couple years we will see a 300 retail basketball shoe smh.

  • Corey Caples


  • Tye Justin Pierce

    Got Mine !!!!

  • Quay Gunz


  • Amanda Taylor

    They ugly to me just saying

  • Amanda Taylor

    I bet these females went an spent their kids child support too get them sum Amherst sad….

  • Henry Manalaysay


  • Keemo Sabi

    I cop them new k swiss

  • Stanley Phanor

    i got 2 pairs size 10 weeeeeee Go Hard !!!!!

  • Stanley Phanor

    Jason Glidden i got shit sir

  • Drizzie Hernandez


  • Jason Glidden

    U lucky

  • Jasmine Villegas

    Yup 3pairs

  • Corey Simmons

    Camped out at 8 different stores ta gett 2 of errrthing….

  • Joseph B LaFluer
  • Jesse Villarreal

    That is cool

  • Fiftdeen Duboise

    Gamma jamma No, these are for lil kids only!

  • Max Fabian Romero

    Camped out n got a pair It was cold as hell in ks

  • Takim Robles

    I try to get these an the web fuck up

  • Wayne Smooth Cook

    Sellin mine n e body want a 8

  • Preston Kniep

    In one day these sneakers have gotten old cuz of all the over hype…I’m tired of seeing these already….hype fiends ruin every release.

  • Joseph Davis

    Hell yes I did

  • Sam Kayira

    wear my pair

  • Sam Kayira


  • Kay Cuevas

    Linda Velazquez look

  • James Dabney

    10.5 ?

  • Lisha Lynn

    Tried didnt work out

  • Rose MPower

    In houston
    Seliing size 3.
    Anyone.!!! Hit me up

  • Blair Zimmerman


  • Cory Fortune

    Melinda Bethea

  • Cisco Ortiz

    I wish..they need 2 make enuff 4 every 1.think nike likes see n people fight over these Js…smh

  • Fe Tomboy Anderson

    Yes i did

  • Raghib Rahman

    Ugly ass overhyped color way

  • Carlos Cayaba Jr.

    They ugly

  • Philly Phil Martinez


  • Shahzada Ali

    Yup I got 3 pairs

  • Tay Maxwell

    Yeah two pair

  • James Bolden

    Got mine. Da niggas dat saying they ugly is the ones who ain’t get em

  • John Miller

    Made in China!

  • Sha’keyra Coco Rivers

    YES I do

  • more_for_me_

    How did you get your pairs? I tried to get them all morning at the online stores, right when they gave you a chance to get them. I just hate this every release I try and don’t get them. I’m starting to get tired of this.

  • Shawn Douglas

    I got mine hahaha

  • more_for_me_

    Yes, they did over hype these but still wanted a pair.

  • Bessie Young

    No so sad

  • Amari Gainer


  • Jacqueline Garcia


  • Aleia Smith


  • Pelon Jr Arriaga


  • Amberly Mcvey

    I need a mens size 12 baaaaaddddd!!! I’ve tried alll day I got mine and one of my sons but I need my other son a pair!!!:-[

  • Anthony Tassotti

    i dont even like these J’s … ill stick with the 5’s n spikes

  • Mauricio Eduardo Lopez

    I got mine size 13

  • Mauricio Eduardo Lopez

    The 5’s are j’s. Lol they have Jordan 1-23 these are the 11’s Anthony Tassotti

  • Sylvester Ruelas

    180$ ? For shoes. Lmfao what a waste of money

  • Sylvester Ruelas

    DId that kid make them?

  • Maria Rey

    Yesssssssssssss wepaaaaa

  • Gilberto Segovia

    Got my

  • Chakira James

    I like those

  • Quincy Woods

    He’ll yeah!

  • John Kelly

    yup…………….. got my online………………..

  • Jecoa Brooks

    Copped at midnight

  • Adariuz Williams Ty


  • Deekay Fuentes

    That go hard

  • Aeroboy Dre

    for how much

  • Victor Trill Lopez

    OMG Chinaman Js lololol

  • No Reason

    Size 10!

  • David Fair

    Woke up at 7:45 copped em off at like 8:01, bot free :)

  • Jose L. Leon

    Who ever has a s10 fore sale in men hmu inbox me I will buy!!

  • Aniyha Bynum

    i got them

  • Sheena Seijo


  • Charlie Galvan


  • Joey Krillz

    Yes I did

  • CrayZee Hanna

    They goin for $425 on Xmas eve

  • David Shelton


  • Candy Julia Camargo

    Yesssss :)

  • Taurean Ransome
    Definitely b grades or fake but here ya go!

  • Albert Paz


  • Alejandro Laureano

    Megustan mucho hijo

  • Dylan Day

    Hype was crazy#associate

  • Tara McCracken


  • Zach Tae-Hyun


  • James Marlin

    No I bought 3 Stripes!!!! RUN DMC….fighting over shoes..stupidity!!!!

  • Theresa Hall

    Yup….got mines!

  • Alvin Correo

    Nice shoes

  • Ashia Self Made Hall

    I got them

  • Derrick Boyboop Barnes

    Yes ugly 11 ever made in my opinion wasn’t worth my money

  • Derrick Boyboop Barnes

    No ugly wasn’t wasting my money I said all year that them shits was ugly I had them in my hands and told my connect Naw

  • Marcel Jackson

    I have size 9 and 12 if anyone is interested.

  • Jovany Ramirez

    Marbella Ramirez Sanchez I need to get these

  • Sam Brooks

    Marcel Jackson how muck for da size 9

  • Kiks Kesa Chicks Villacorte

    I had these but pure of flaws :(
    Need to resell them atm and be ready for bred1

  • Bryan Tan Aquino

    hm sz9??

  • Miguel Rodriguez

    Its Ashame How Smoked Out Ass Busted Up Broke MFs Killin For These Shoes. SmH. R.I.P To The Lil Homie Who Got Smoked Like Sweet Today.

  • Derrick Taylor


  • Derrick Taylor


  • Pee Wee

    No f~¢# u jumpman!!! Nike too!!!

  • Litzy Cx

    Sure Did (; .

  • Josh Bama Boy Green

    Crayzee why u waiting till then?? My first pair went buy now $450 today.

  • Kia Smith


  • Antar Yusef

    Copped wed!

  • Antar Yusef

    Whoever says they’re ugly is a hating broke dickhead!! Holla

  • Antar Yusef

    Copped these too..foh

  • Darren Byers


  • Power Thou Sin Weeden

    Sumbody shined them mf didn’t it?

  • Leonard Winford

    No i didn’t

  • Zakariyya Paruk

    Bryce did you end up securing a pair? I got mine ordered.
    Footlocker had campers overnight.

  • Bryce Kortum

    Zakariya nah all the websites I went onto were all sold out, I think I might get some breds from flight club online…. I know I won’t get fakes then?!!

  • Spencer Westmoreland

    These don’t even look good

  • Jeff Hartley

    Why even waste youtmr fuckung time Spencer Westmoreland. There not much different then the space jams just diff color blue. Bout time they switched em uo…..who wants to keep gettin the fucking blk n red breds. You obviously didnt get a pair. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, MAD AND ONLY HATING CUZ A FUCKING BOT BEAT U OUTA UR PAIR!! No disrespect to those who did get beat by a FUCKING BOT! I honestly got mad lucky…..ill sell them tho……size 11 for 500 firm.

  • Jeff Hartley

    Oh and also its fucked up that ppl.use bots and shit…i wish these websites would make u prove that ur fucking human….dumb ass bots. And ppl.promoting them would get beat the fuck up asap. Piece of shit

  • Amit Shah

    You dumb fucks! Spending all that money on a pair of shoes that cost a couple of dollars to make (by some poor slave) and why the fuck would you still want to wear Jordan’s after Miley made a song about them??? And they are UGLY!

  • Amit Shah

    Seriously you’re getting mad about a pair of trainers! Get a fucking life!

  • Dalton Riffe

    u got a size 12

  • Beavis Turner

    if they are ugly in someones books, then why would they cop?

  • David Snyder

    Call me bro

  • Adam Wardle

    They are fucking awful and I’m sick of seeing pictures of them!

  • Rick Chowder


  • Taji Graham

    Basically the bread 11s but with blue

  • trig23

    You sound like you might be the slave making them