Release Dates for “Oregon” Air Jordan V (5) and Nike Foamposite

Release Dates for “Oregon” Air Jordan V (5) and Nike Foamposite


Nike Oregon Foams & Vs

As people have salivated waiting for these dope “Oregon” pairs to drop, we have finally received a release date for these limited exclusives. Via Icy Soles, the Air Jordan V “Oregon” is set to release during the 2014 NBA All Star Weekend that is taking place in New Orleans this year. Both pairs are expected to be extremely limited and were compared to releases such as the, “Air Yeezy and LeBron Championship Pack.” Of course the schedule is subject to change as Nike always has a lot going on, but as of now expect the V’s to drop somewhere between the 14th-16th of February.

As for the Foamposite, we are looking at a little sooner turn around, like this month. The “Oregon” Foamposite is set to release on December 30th which is only a few weeks away. With everyone blowing there Christmas cash on the Nike Basketball Christmas editions, the Foamposite will wait and hit us right before the new year. Retail is expected to be $250 and just as the V’s are subject to change due to Nike’s scheduling.

Both are highly anticipated and are expected to be a hit, no doubt. Which pair are you planning to cop, if not both? Let us know in the comments section below and stay tuned to Sneakerfiles for updates on everything sneakers!

Nike Oregon Foams & Vs

Via IcySole/@ajaddiction


  1. Once again a couple of hot pairs are utterly ruined by a crappy release quantity. Thus only assuring reseller profits and most pairs never being worn. Weak.

  2. BigShaun I feel like it’s been like ten years since Jordan released any J’s for a college. Seems like they did long ago with Team Jordans.

  3. Lbiddle25 yea that sites been known to have false information. when nike releases information saying the 30th ill belive it.

  4. Lbiddle25 i have a hack for the site. that i cant give up. hell people offer me 3k for that hack and i turn it down.

  5. Lbiddle25 thats like giving up poppy who got bricks for 5. cant give that connect up. get for you sure. give up the connect. cant.

  6. Lbiddle25 to keep it 100 with u thats a shoe i wouldnt do my take a fee and order for people. Thats 1 id straight rape on ebay with lol

  7. Lbiddle25 even good friends of mine are asking me and im telling them no. This is 1 worth the flip for me. Make some good real $

  8. Lbiddle25 i coudlnt even name u ONE rsvp service lol i dont know anyyyyyyyything about that shit. other than it does exist.

  9. Fake lol. Nike’s US headquarters is located in Beaverton, Oregon. They’ve been making player exclusive Nikes and Air Jordans for the college athletes at the University of Oregon for years. Try using the internet for research, and not just making ignorant posts on Facebook. For the love of God.

  10. I’m hearing different retail prices on them. Not sure what to believe as far as that goes. Guess well no soon enough.

  11. These were made after one the head coaches of Oregon university stated the Aj 5 was their favorite so that’s why they were created. They are not fake.

  12. The owner of Nike went to Oregon and now he the sponsore for the uniforms and football gear why you think Oregon got so many hard helmets and uniforms he made Nike and Jordan’s on he’s contract to sell Jordan’s and nikes together

  13. Surprised so many people seem to like these. of V’s, and certain Foams, but?
    These not for me, even if I COULD get my hands on’em.
    Unless I was living IN, or attending school in Oregon, just doesn’t hold appeal like that, for me. Blah.
    Good luck to anyone trying to cop these.

  14. I’m gonna go right to the top duck and ask chip Kelly legit or not I wanna hear it from the head duck lol