Oregon Basketball Players Suspended for Selling Team Shoes

Oregon Basketball Players Suspended for Selling Team Shoes


Oregon Basketball Players Suspended for Selling Team Shoes

On the heels of providing all of you sneakerheads with a look at the “Oregon Ducks” Air Jordan V PE, it looks like we’ve got some bad news to share as well. According to reports, two members of the Oregon Ducks mens basketball team, Ben Carter and Dominic Artis, violated NCAA rules by selling some of their team-issued apparel. Upon selling exclusive Air Jordans, whose worth exceeds the $5,000 mark,both palyers have been suspended for a yet to be determined number of games and must also donate the entire value of the apparel to charity. With the NCAA having strict policies in place to prohibit athletes from receiving special benefits, we can only image how hard they will come down on these players. Join the discussion after the jump and be sure to let us know how you feel about the suspensions.

Oregon Basketball Players Suspended for Selling Team Shoes

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  1. It’s pretty dumb same thing happened to the Ohio State Football team. Also Cesar Chavez it’s pretty ironic that you use the word gay in a completely inappropriate way . I guess you don’t know much about your name sake .

  2. They worked so hard to get to where they are..now u telling me they are not free to do wat they want with THEIR sneakers. Its not like they sold a jersey or something.

  3. That’s bogus they should understand they were in college at one point too … But they were prolly rich

  4. They get PEs from Nike/Jordan just for playing for Oregon, they’ll obviously have people contacting them willing to pay $1000+ for the shoes.

  5. They are athletes and all expenses are paid for including their education which probably is more than 40 or 50 grand. So yeah they get paid maybe not money but other kids have to pay for. They are no different from any other college student. They shoukd be kicked out of school just like mr johnny sorry ass should have been. Im sick an tired of hearing about college athletes should be paid if so they need to pay tuition just like everybody else. Because im quite sure half of them are nit even smart enough to be at the school anyway.

  6. Yup and also pay for their asses education unlike regular students so yeah the get paid and they need to be thrown out of school just as they were regupar students.

  7. An no the greedy fucks are the kids rules been in place for years and if u cant follow the rules like everbody else than bounce.

  8. People dont kno how it is to b a student athlete but yet can comment….how can u justify a so called “free education” when ur talent on the floor is more of a priority to the institution. U have to make the school money yet ur only limited to classes that will not educate shit but make sure ur academics is good enough to play. If they were my shoes im selling them shits too. I wear them, i play in them, i make the school money in them…i can do watever i want with them.

  9. if they get the shoes for free and most college kids are broke anyway why not sell some free shoes on ebay and make like 4x retail value…………….. fuckin america

  10. @lionelJones So You Telling Me A $1000 Stipend Enough ┬áTo Live Off Of Plus Gas Money, Groceries, Other Necessities Etc…..While These Institutions Make Billions Of Dollars Off Of These Kids They Don’t HavE Any Free Time To Actually Have A Part Time Job And Many Of These Guys Have Their Own Families To Take Care. Between Traveling, Practicing Almost Around The Clock, Watching Game Tapes, Class, Mandatory Study Hall Etc…. Where Is There Time For A Job? Go Watch The Allotment Of Espn 30For30 Films And Sports Docs. These Kids Get A Free Ride But Struggle To Survive Especially If They’re From Impoverished Homes.That BumasS Stipend Ain’t Shit To Live On.

  11. Some people just dont know how much they cost! For rich and famous people/sneakercelebs its priceless only the team got these pairs so its not couple of $100 buck its way more than that

  12. This is silly why should they be suspended ? Try barely get cash as it is why not make money on playing gear I mean the NCAA makes millions and schools do to its not very fair on these kids who struggle

  13. Your not supposed to get paied in college (sport wise) its aginst the NCAA rules and it normally results in a permanent suspension in a whole season or something like that. Selling anything to make a profit to benfit yourself on a team is aginst the rule

  14. Not only do i think its a hypocrisy how the ncaa and school itself treats its student athletes that get paid nothing and generate millions a year for the school but what makes it even more of a hypocrisy is that its Oregon, the founder of Nikes alma mater, bringing the hammer down on them for selling shoes that they own

  15. Until the rules change, the college athletes need to adhere to them. It’s no secret that the major NCAA schools financially benefit from their successful/marketable teams & players (Fab5 comes to mind), but these college athletes have an opportunity to earn an education, free of charge, and benefit from all the perks (exclusive swag from the vendors). If they want to make extra cash, then they should get a part time job. Breaking the rules will only result in punishment. Personally, I believe the NCAA should set aside a percentage of revenue earned by the players and place it in a trust that the players receive upon graduation.

  16. Biggest pimps around the NCAA they win all the way around. Players generate millions and profit zero the amount of money they bring to these schools no scholarship can ever equal besides these really talented players don’t stay four years so they also keep the remainder of those scholarships to use the amateur status rules will change and these kids will soon be paid which is awesome

  17. Damn resellers ruining the game! On the real though for the people that are saying that theses kids should be getting paid…THEY ALREADY ARE! Their whole education is already getting paid for to play a game! That’s not even counting the money that arguably 80% of these players get paid under the table on recruiting trips…