Nike Modifies Twitter RSVP System

Nike Modifies Twitter RSVP System



By now it should come as no surprise that several tech-savvy individuals have been very successful at hacking the Nike Twitter RSVP system. You know, like when you go to input your order information online only to find out that every size has sold out in an instant. Well it’s happened to us all, until now. To reiterate their dedication to fairness in the marketplace, Nike has released a new statement regarding their Twitter RSVP system and how any foul play may directly impact you. Read up:

We believe in a level playing field for product launches on That’s why we don’t authorize the use of automation or scripting methods intended to offer any shopper an unfair advantage. If we determine that an order was placed using one of these methods, we may refuse or cancel the order.

Twitter RSVP is used to help manage product launches at Nike Stores. Nike’s intent is to make this a fair and fun process for all Twitter RSVP participants. In attempt to deliver a safe and level playing field, Nike reserves the right to ban any users who make threats, harass or attempt to cheat the system by opting into programs that provide them an unfair advantage.

With that said, it’s quiet for the “Bots”!


via Nike

  • Kevin

    if they wanna make a playing field level, then make more shoes. The exclusivity of the shoes is what is driving people to cheat the system.if they really wanted to make the playing field level another option would be to force you to type in captcha (you know the weird ass letters that takes you forever to try to read) like other websites such as Ticketmaster.

  • Ian

    Can’t this be avoided even further by starting a raffle method? So, when those of us who got picked can enter our raffle code to get our shoes easily and no “BOTS” can gain an advantage.

    Also, those of us who lose out, can just sleep in!