Nike Kobe 9 EM Low – First Look

Nike Kobe 9 EM Low – First Look


Nike Kobe 9 EM Low First Look

With the Nike Kobe 9 Elite “Masterpiece” set to hit retailers on February 8th, it looks like the interestingly high shoe is going to be followed up with a low top version. Yes, you read that correctly. The Nike Kobe 9 will indeed be releasing in low top form. Equipped with the same Flyknit-led design, it appears as if Kobe and Nike will be going back to their old ways. While many thought the Kobe 9 was created because of Kobe’s achilles injury, Bryant dismissed the notion in quite a few interviews. Now that you know you can expect to see the Kobe 9 Low sometime this year, what are your thoughts? Check out another look after the jump and be sure to drop us a line in the comments section below.

Nike Kobe 9 EM Low First Look

Photos via aaronknows

  • Damon Lines


  • Adrien Pedroza

    much better

  • Juan Jay-d Almodovar

    Sneaker Freaks finally got a image of the Kobe 9 Masterpiece EM low much better concept than the boxing boot

  • Juan Jay-d Almodovar

    i can’t fuck wit the elite but i will grab these

  • Dashaun Colbert

    im going to get them

  • Justin Webb

    Cayden Randolph

  • Lamar Johnson

    I like this Nike’$

  • Lex_407

    Now I will cop these. The other ones were just a little too high.

  • J.e. Lew

    this dude got elite feet big behind shoes he zoomed out on the camera and still couldn’t get the whole shoe in the screen smh ridiculous

  • Corey Hardcastle III

    These are the highs just folded down n tongue pushed down that’s what everybody been saying at least

  • William Christian

    Ok I can work w/the lows.

  • Jonathan Broder

    these are nice..willl cop these…no doubt!

  • Mike Miller

    These look great.

  • Quinrontes Clark

    Way better Dearius Murphy

  • Brian Lloyd Reyes

    Filbert Nostratis

  • Darnell Thompson

    F $#k no!!!!

  • Pedro Susana

    Jeremy Shaquille

  • J Smsw Roland

    the low is dope, not feelin the high

  • JustinaLicious

    IAmTreGood they’re still hot tho, plus they’re low compared to the elites. Aha

  • blkmamba_24

    sneakerfiles definitely will COP

  • Corey Michaud

    Adam R. Michaud

  • Adam R. Michaud

    I can mess with the low Corey Michaud

  • Reynaldo Alvarez


  • Cody Lane Kascoli

    lows are just always better personally

  • Bong Anin

    Pare ok yan kobe 9 meron kn ba nyan?

  • Renz Imanil

    Brandon Callanta how bout this? Vs the high top?

  • Abdon Siu Flores

    Esas las vi en foot locker y están guapas guapas!

  • Jerome Onzetop

    These are looking like mids not lows …. They’re just looking lows because the highs are verryyyyyyy highs

  • Alice InWonderland

    Aah voilà Ljubica Cutunic Dorothée Studer Jalinka Naima MyShow
    C deja mieux

  • 繆奕麟

    U Ieong Matthew Lam Soi Un Dave Chan

  • U Ieong Matthew Lam

    繆奕麟 Soi Chan told you mio

  • 繆奕麟

    LOL haha

  • 繆奕麟

    seems comfy!!!

  • U Ieong Matthew Lam

    繆奕麟 but my friend from magazine said it’s not as good as the previous

  • Paul Casey

    they just look like a folded down high to me, that isn’t EM, its flyknit.

  • Carlo Consigliere Farol

    Robin Raoulo Sugay Edrick Farol

  • Robin Raoulo Sugay

    Carlo Consigliere Farol must!

  • Jonathan Broder

    like the mid a lot better ..not bad at all. give me the right cw and i will cop!

  • JoshuaSmith3

    Still not a low cut, definitely a mid-cut, but I like it

  • Nightwing2303

    IAmTreGood It isnt engineered mesh either.

  • tupacseuss

    Nightwing2303 IAmTreGood it’s fly knit

  • JonRegister

    jefferrrson LOL. Got to love people that truthfully have no clue. This is why people who like shoes look bad to other people.

  • IAmTreGood

    Nightwing2303 Smh blogs just reposting misinformation verbatim just for views. It’s like they don’t even care about the post itself smh

  • jefferrrson

    IAmTreGood Nightwing2303 but it has to be true!!! It’s Sneakerfiles!

  • Nightwing2303

    IAmTreGood I know ALL about it lol.

  • Nightwing2303

    jefferrrson IAmTreGood ha!

  • mxKID912

    jefferrrson IAmTreGood Nightwing2303 it also isn’t even a Kobe 9 low. It’s the regular Kobe 9 and someone folded them down.

  • Nightwing2303

    mxKID912 jefferrrson IAmTreGood supposedly, still not confirmed so as of now it just is what it is.

  • mxKID912

    Nightwing2303 jefferrrson IAmTreGood I hope I’m wrong though. They look amazing there.

  • jefferrrson

    mxKID912 IAmTreGood Nightwing2303 yup. And like why would Nike make an exact same cw and silhouette? I’m sure the lows are a tad diff

  • Nightwing2303

    jefferrrson mxKID912 IAmTreGood lows were supposed to be EM and not Flyknit so who knows. They could easily change that if they wanted.

  • jefferrrson

    Nightwing2303 mxKID912 IAmTreGood heard it was EM and Flyknit. Two lowtop versions

  • Nightwing2303

    jefferrrson maybe I’m just forgetting that they said that lol.

  • Spinn87

    Nightwing2303 i think EM might stand for Elite Masterpiece

  • Nightwing2303

    Spinn87 stands for engineered mesh

  • Spinn87

    Nightwing2303 I know that it does in general, but I was speaking on this particular pair of shoes, because clearly the material is flyknit

  • Nightwing2303

    Spinn87 I just dont think anyone has actual info yet so ppl are just speculating

  • Aaron Duthoit