Nike Kobe 9 EM Low First Look

With the Nike Kobe 9 Elite “Masterpiece” set to hit retailers on February 8th, it looks like the interestingly high shoe is going to be followed up with a low top version. Yes, you read that correctly. The Nike Kobe 9 will indeed be releasing in low top form. Equipped with the same Flyknit-led design, it appears as if Kobe and Nike will be going back to their old ways. While many thought the Kobe 9 was created because of Kobe’s achilles injury, Bryant dismissed the notion in quite a few interviews. Now that you know you can expect to see the Kobe 9 Low sometime this year, what are your thoughts? Check out another look after the jump and be sure to drop us a line in the comments section below.

Nike Kobe 9 EM Low First Look

Photos via aaronknows

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  1. Sneaker Freaks finally got a image of the Kobe 9 Masterpiece EM low much better concept than the boxing boot

  2. this dude got elite feet big behind shoes he zoomed out on the camera and still couldn’t get the whole shoe in the screen smh ridiculous

  3. These are the highs just folded down n tongue pushed down that’s what everybody been saying at least

  4. These are looking like mids not lows …. They’re just looking lows because the highs are verryyyyyyy highs

  5. jefferrrson LOL. Got to love people that truthfully have no clue. This is why people who like shoes look bad to other people.

  6. Nightwing2303 Smh blogs just reposting misinformation verbatim just for views. It’s like they don’t even care about the post itself smh

  7. jefferrrson IAmTreGood Nightwing2303 it also isn’t even a Kobe 9 low. It’s the regular Kobe 9 and someone folded them down.

  8. mxKID912 jefferrrson IAmTreGood supposedly, still not confirmed so as of now it just is what it is.

  9. mxKID912 IAmTreGood Nightwing2303 yup. And like why would Nike make an exact same cw and silhouette? I’m sure the lows are a tad diff

  10. jefferrrson mxKID912 IAmTreGood lows were supposed to be EM and not Flyknit so who knows. They could easily change that if they wanted.

  11. Nightwing2303 I know that it does in general, but I was speaking on this particular pair of shoes, because clearly the material is flyknit