Nike Air Max 90 “Ice”

Nike Air Max 90 “Ice”


Nike Air Max 90 Ice
The Nike Air Max 90 has seen its share of “improvements” with texture and material swaps to different titles added to its name to embody those new changes. An example of this would be the latest Nike Air Max 90 “Ice”. This classic Tinker Hatfield classic has been revamped with a unique translucent midsole. The upper showcases a geometric pattern throughout the Hyperfuse Air Max 90.

Continue to check on Sneakerfiles as more information becomes available. Right now, the Nike Air Max 90 “Ice” is set to release in two different colorways in February 2014. Let us know what you think; will you be copping a pair next year?

Nike Air Max 90 Ice
Nike Air Max 90 Ice
Nike Air Max 90 Ice
Nike Air Max 90 Ice
Nike Air Max 90 Ice
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  • Garry Dow

    Red and yellow aren’t exactly icy colours…

  • Curtis Watson

    Shakor Beauregard Bianca B Smith Justin Peacock

  • Stephon Rip Tate Jetson

    Rob Tz

  • Junior Surles

    Iron Man Air Max

  • James Dawson


  • Bugsy Rosenberg

    Bryan Rich

  • Adam Cunningham

    Kad Khan Billy Begum

  • Justin Hayhoe

    Would have looked better in a light blue

  • Thiago Dutra


  • Sip Toor

    Param Chattha

  • Isac Zuniga

    look Diana Castaneda

  • Tyrell Christian

    I need them

  • Joe Roach

    Red all the way utd!

  • Karl Angel Lorenzana

    Leonard Bombarda I want soo bad :'(

  • Victor Trill Lopez

    They mfs are stoopid iron man clean

  • Scott Dierking

    Fuccn DOPE

  • Dan Leigh


  • Fito Ibarra Delgado


  • Francis Spidey Desir Jr.

    Bailey Q Maisonette this is a must cop before they sod out

  • Presiident Kenny

    Change the sole color.

  • Will Plácido

    E aí Matheus Santa Bárbara curtiu?

  • Juan Cortes

    More like “ironman”

  • Ricco Johnson


  • ‘Σώ τος’

    Can you fly with them? O.o

  • Monte SunTzu Crisco

    These will b on ID if they aren’t already

  • Joao Baere

    Tamires Correia

  • Gabriel De La Torre

    Adrian Hernandez

  • Leo Khant Ye

    wooo.. very nice… amazing shoes..

  • Aim High

    I’m a 95 man but these and the duck camos are heat

  • Brandon Nuon

    Comes pre yellowed lmao

  • Illmuzak Tel A-vision


  • Wagner Porras

    las quiero¡¡¡¡

  • Wagner Porras

    amo este estilo¡¡¡¡ es el mejor

  • Steve Drew

    Black and white cw, with an icy sole and I’m dead.

  • Richard Johnson

    Nice ass

  • David Horan Jr.

    id rock em

  • Dan Mears

    Mike Salinas pretty sick

  • Sweezy Terry

    must cop

  • Joshua KobiOshi Thompson

    Karim Fayad

  • Kyle Wiggins


  • Trevis Crank

    does it come in blue

  • Matheus Santa Bárbara

    Porra Will Plácido ai é foda, massa man

  • J Too Bizzaye Derritt

    Ice? More like fire;)>

  • Richard Buckey Howard

    Rahmeca Rodriguez now i need these ones lol …… dope

  • Luke Thompson

    Different colour

  • Aayush Kumar

    Vivek ! my fav.s

  • Kim Ayers-card


  • Clive Kaenne Umani

    fake naman yan

  • Rahmeca RahRah Rodriguez

    Ugly Richard!!!! Lo

  • Byron Motley

    They are NICE!!!!