Ewing 33 Hi ‘Black Leather/White’ Restock

Ewing 33 Hi ‘Black Leather/White’ Restock



Did you miss out on the Ewing 33 Hi “Black Leather/White” release from November of 2012? If your answered “yes” and your Ewing 33 Hi collection just so happens to be missing this pair, Ewing Athletics has just restocked this colorway!

While supplies won’t last long, grab your size today by heading over to ewingathletics.com now.

You’re welcome…again.

  • Lyya Nip Haslam

    Back in the 90 Had a Pair if them Fresh They were Suede black and white

  • Crafty Rome

    Then babies are ready…

  • Felicia MsFee Freeman

    Willie Beals

  • Mark Cheze Hasan Qureshi


  • Eric Moore

    Damell Kearse

  • Eric Moore

    Damell Kearse Lol!!! Ok

  • Eric Moore

    Damell Kearse don’t be impossible to please my G. Lol!!!

  • Damell Kearse

    Lmaoooo Eric Moore got da reds… Da whites… N grays… Prolly need blue but no knicks!