CSW: Michael Crabtree Shows Off “LOTS” and Jordan Cleats

CSW: Michael Crabtree Shows Off “LOTS” and Jordan Cleats


Crabtree Red Jordans

As Michael Crabtree and his 49ers took on, and beat, their rival in the Seattle Seahawks yesterday he rocked black and white Jordan XII (12) cleats, and now we get a look at another take on one of his favorites. Via Instagram the Texas Tech Alum posted a pic of his Air Jordan III “Legends Of The Summer,” a very highly sought after, exclusive pair of kicks. That wasn’t all, the III’s were accompanied by a red and white pair of Jordan XII (12) cleats that we may see him rock this week in Tampa Bay, stay tuned!

What other NFL players would you like to see rock the Jordan Brand more often? Let us know in the comments section below and stick with Sneakerfiles for celebrity kicks and much more!

Via @kingcrab15

  • Eddie Redice

    we need jordanID

  • Vicky Morales

    Show jordanID

  • Les Wild

    Lamarius Micou

  • Shawn Price

    I new he was rocking these

  • Elias Feliciano Jr.


  • Mathew Lopez

    Those shoes go hard

  • Tony Gross

    Oh you guys just gonna throw that in our face like that huh…those must be the shoes you beat us in yesterday….lol

  • Lamarius Damitrik Micou

    Them 3’s are fire!!!

  • Dan Mears

    Mike Salinas

  • Eric Wesley Matchett

    Mine are way way way way way way better.

  • Rhiannon White

    Hot boyy

  • Francisco Montejano

    Yee my boi King Crab!!

  • Antonio Yo Yo Fench

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  • Jarvis Brown

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  • Julia Guerrero

    Jeff Gilliard the solid red ones tho

  • Spokes Lazyville

    Damn.. Fiyaaaa Reeedddd
    I need dattttt

  • Bobby Lewis

    Like them 12’s

  • Emeridge Ithinkverydeeply Thacker

    Red october 3’s?

  • Jayson Hood


  • Russell Antonio Gash

    Those hard

  • Dominick Primera

    Sean Woods legends of the summer!

  • Eun Seok Seo

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  • Clarksdale Man Murdock

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  • Trell TheVillian Thomas

    All types of excellent

  • Mary Rivera

    Very Nice

  • Rodrigo Santa Maria

    Isaiah Arellano

  • Jeff Gilliard

    We’ll go to the mall sunday funday kiddo. I promise…. Julia Guerrero

  • Lucas Carroll

    He got all that money and got them !! Get ya money up D-boya….

  • Roy Montemayor

    those 3’s

  • Anastasia Orozco

    I like the ones he wearin, playa

  • Whitemike Sololife Soles

    Those 3’s are tough!

  • Rod Hunter

    dem 12z sexy den a mafucka

  • Gerald Rios

    Where can I find these Air Jordan III “Legends all red

  • James Rockdale Moore

    Josh Jones Kendrick Wallace DeAndre Victrum what y’all think

  • Rosa Valeria Rangel

    Dajuandre Farley bad ass huh

  • Rakesh Singh

    I want these. Hope next year nike will release. Love for piru.

  • Chimwemwe Kasamba

    I like de 1z he puts on…. Nice

  • Steve Alexander Valladares

    Bring them 12’s out i need those

  • Eddie Santiago

    Amp Jackson

  • Dominique T Nelson

    Sexy smoking hot. Junior TopFlight Johnson

  • Mario Capaldo

    Brandon Turner the red an white 12s tho!?

  • Brandon Turner

    I seen them…I wish they would drop them…those are a must have…

  • Mario Capaldo

    They r so fuckin sick

  • Brandon Turner

    And the red is patent leather …yea those are all me all day

  • Andrew Lim

    If they were only bball shoes…

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  • Early Bird

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  • Liz Gomez

    Red 3z are fuckin Beaaasty!!

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  • Marquis Hogan

    Ain’t a big fan of red but these are nice

  • Mark Anthony Banda

    Id wear these but people might think im in a gang lol

  • Luis Moreno

    Nice but to much red

  • Marcus Mitchell

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  • Ashanti Figueroa

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  • Kyle HoldUp Young


  • Brandon Foster

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  • Jennifer Nichlas

    Red & white 12s are hottttt