Air Jordan V (5) “Corona” by Mache Customs

Air Jordan V (5) “Corona” by Mache Customs


Mache Corona AJVs

For anyone looking to “Find Their Beach” this holiday season, Mache Customs has come through with a pair of customs that are going to drive people to drinking after displaying these at the Dunk Exchange. The custom guru took the Air Jordan V (5) and threw a deep navy on the toebox, midsole and tongue while the inner lining and Jumpman on the tongue are a bright yellow. The heel panel features a dope visual of the beer along with the bubbles and a hint of lime. A tonal “23” along the side as well as the “Corona” branding down the side of the tongue finish off these flashy customs that are to be shown at the Dunk Exchange.

Are you feeling Mache’s Air Jordan V (5) “Corona” Customs? Let us know in the comments section below and stay tuned to Sneakerfiles for more updates on customs and everything else sneakers!

Mache Corona AJVs

Mache Corona AJVs

Via @mache275

  • Ryerson Xavier

    gonna get me some coronas

  • Vince Nova Murrain

    James Sampson

  • Vince Nova Murrain

    drink up bruh lol

  • Kyler Hutchins

    Jack Thomas McCutchin

  • Victor Ramirez

    They bad ass

  • Austin Sallee

    Ivan Lara

  • Kendus Stringer

    Rob Drizzy

  • Claxton Surles

    Nothing keep those J

  • Victor Trill Lopez

    Andres Californication Bruh omg these Joints are Crazy I Need these NOW

  • Guudlukin Lifestyleand Art


  • Steve E Rulesson

    Daniel Mendoza lol

  • Victor Trill Lopez

    Does anyone kno where i would be able to cop these online Recomendation ????

  • Kyle Presock

    What a mockery. Absolutely awful to do to a classic sneaker

  • Kyle Presock

    The equivalent of chrome door strips and color tinted windows

  • Fabian A Manchego

    ^^ there CUSTOMS

  • Chauncey Tyler


  • Daniel Mendoza

    Hell No Steve E Rulesson Haha

  • Anthony Delsa

    Hot garbage

  • Norberto Navarrete

    Oscar Robles

  • Jeremy Lamm


  • Jose Garcia

    Mike Ferko

  • Matt Eff

    Noel Acevedo

  • Mike Ferko

    Omg! Jose Garcia. #need

  • Fredito Jordans

    Carlos Ariel Vazquez

  • Robert Chorizo Grande

    Jorge Macias

  • Aida LuvinCeleste Bernal


  • Scott King


  • James Sampson

    Lol those is pretty dope, I don’t know if I’d wear em tho Vince Murrain

  • Matt Merced

    these shoes would get you shot in the ‘go.

  • Vince Nova Murrain

    Closet shoes James Sampson I feel you bruh

  • Toi Heartlezz Minnifield

    Snaxx Sampson Thomas Minnifield

  • Bryan Tanksley

    Ugly ugly ugly

  • Hector Mateos


  • Thomas Minnifield

    too many colors

  • TreyOursler1

    Just through the creator my man.

  • Andres Californication

    I’d choose the other ones, over these pair. Victor Lopez

  • Lenny Brito

    Lebron Matos q no estan bn bellakas

  • Sam Trippy Triplett


  • Michael Watkins

    Straight up gay!

  • Jordan Gill

    Wtf are these WaterBoyy Pagans these really piss me off

  • WaterBoyy Pagans

    Jordan Gill trash

  • Jay Edelman

    Wack as fuck

  • Victor Trill Lopez

    Im a big corona member you member all i drank in the club haha but i feels

  • Caleb McLaurin


  • Ryan Maher

    Id rock those gives a fuck

  • Jesse Jrowl Rowlette

    Joe Yum Yum

  • Jarrod Dartnell

    Hahahhahavab George O’Donovan

  • George O’Donovan

    Jarrod Dartnell Mason Bailey omg

  • Lucas Rue

    Wasted j’s for nasty ass corona

  • Mario Bryant

    I need some Heineken inspired J’s

  • Lebron Matos

    Bellakisimas haha

  • Terry Hesticles

    This guy is hands down the best artist for one of a kind kicks

  • Jessie Combs

    Guess the alcoholics will be digging these

  • Felix Rodriguez


  • Tre Page

    Idk how to feel about these

  • Angela Kearney


  • Jerrita Mack

    Love these

  • Michael Yousef Agassi

    Nice Jorge Joseph

  • Danny Ciceros Finest Villagrana


  • Thusi Kgosimore

    Much love for these

  • Gerald William Anglin

    Not feeling em

  • Ethan Villanueva Hallarces

    Ryan Adrien Rodriguez Ang eto oh

  • Tyrii KyriiKeys Ford

    Should have left the toe box white…

  • Kurtina Allen

    I like!!!

  • Alexis Vazquez Cepeda

    como pueden usar eso haha no ma

  • Lázaro Fortuna


  • Karen Armendariz

    Sulokosito Mobberscousin lol

  • Eddie Redice

    Google solecollector 3.0 they let you design AJ 1-20

  • Max MaZz Cole

    Last tag lol I could c u rocking these shits Chris Andrade

  • King Karanga

    Jo-man Lewis

  • Syncere Tamoke


  • Jimmy Sevenways

    I just threw up a bit in my mouth.

  • Ron Veldhuys

    Wat voor jou Ed Werkhoven?

  • Kalauna Kaine Aiga

    Steven Pourewa member the corona Jordan’s I said to you before?

  • Chris CrazyCleveland Abrams

    1. Drink coronas waaaaayyyyyy too much 2. Ugly then a bit

  • Fweli Fwell

    Shit looks dpray painted

  • Patrick Hough

    Daniel America love the colours, branding not so much

  • Babypookie Craddock


  • Michael Quinto

    not feeling em..

  • Rhiannon White

    Ashley Timmins we should get them& be neeekerTwinzZ =]

  • Adriana Banuelos

    The Rownaz….like Rip Gordo plus there Jordans …. okay …x ) LOL

  • Yuliqa M’Diq

    Corona=Mexican piss water

  • Dalia Sanchez

    Toker Sanchez

  • Kiki Nevasaynever Arnold

    Dem biiishz look kinda sweet ,but dont think i wld getem

  • Jonas Silva

    Looh Vidal Bonitinho Mozão…

  • Rommel C Ramal

    Ganda naman yan

  • Jaime Cardenas

    Janet Herrera wow I’m n love lol

  • Sabine Kouassi

    Magnifique !

  • Clinton Smith

    Ugly ass fuck

  • Alajuwon Auls

    I don’t even drink but, I’ll take a bottle to the face rocking these lol!

  • Mario Garcia

    FUCK Heineken lol

  • Louie Garcia

    Steven Roldan

  • Roberto Brizendine

    Dustin Kinser

  • Justin Cantbstopped Mabery

    Look I love jays but this shit getting stupid paying all this for the same shoes in a different color these kids are brain washed for this shit

  • Joel Kilsby

    Mark Wilson. I’m thirsty….

  • Brian Montes De Oca

    Leonardo Corona

  • Jaime Rivera

    Anthony DiBlazio Alexander Rivera Glenn Rivera Nicolas Rios

  • Salaam Brown


  • Antonio Saddul Jr.

    i like it….

  • Jude Tagudena

    wow! :O

  • John Lenard Salazar

    Sobrang panget

  • Tiff Shih

    Joel James

  • Jose Reyes

    Pixie Campuzano

  • Donovan Smith

    Tez Mcloven

  • Deedee Je


  • Brayan Caro

    Jordan Chan I want these

  • Kiki Nevasaynever Arnold

    Lol..stfu…and waz written frm the book of “KISS MY AZZ SWINEYY”

  • Mj Gonzales

    Sa an maka bili nyan?

  • O-Block Buzzin

    Only an alcoholic would wear those

  • Kalia Gary

    Carlos Corona oohh!!!!

  • Marcus Zvinavashe

    damn dem fly

  • Carl Taurus Thomas

    Dyani Tonae

  • Isaac Smokedog Clayton

    a Seneca-Bingo Hampton these are fresh as hell kid

  • Adam Wuest

    Whoever did this should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. Smh……

  • Jamaal Boudreaux


  • Jay R Cristobal

    Needs Lime colored Lace-locks!

  • Demarcus Based Boy Smith


  • Ivan De Jersey


  • Roger Garcia

    Where can I cop these !!

  • Brian David Willert

    Abdul Muhammad

  • Chris Smith

    don’t drink corona but would rock them

  • Lee K Fung

    SzeJiat Yoong Edvin Tam

  • Looh Vidal

    Jonas Silva. Legalzinho até amoor haha

  • Dyani Tonae

    Carl Thomas yaaaasss B))

  • Carl Taurus Thomas

    They fire

  • Dyani Tonae

    D’a I want them now lol

  • Micah Gonzalez

    Luis Hernandez

  • Brandon Stensrud

    Yung Juice

  • Willie Ofwgkta Hurt

    This shit UGLY AS FUCK !!! What shoes are they fuckin making now !!

  • Sulokosito Mobberscousin

    get me these for xmas lol, dope af though haha

  • Ted Capuz

    drink to that…….

  • Karen Armendariz

    Sulokosito Mobberscousin if I can find them lol

  • Marcus Boitnott

    Joseph …LOL

  • Sulokosito Mobberscousin

    alright then lol

  • Isaac Munoz

    They look ugly

  • Isaac Munoz

    They look fucking ugly the colors don’t. Even match

  • Sophia Frias


  • Kedryn Cole Jones

    Noah Messino

  • Cindy Acevedo

    Carlos Orozco u want these huh

  • Brook Cheaton

    Tristan Cheaton

  • Francisco Figueroa

    Look so fake

  • Pat Henry

    Rodney Gilmore Jr Greg Gno Greg Tryon

  • Spak Vasquez

    Almost the same as the laneys

  • Edwin Issac Rangel

    Adrian Alvarado

  • Edvin Tam

    custom made

  • Jaden Vega

    them shits is ugly

  • Justin Genesis

    the corona letter kills the sneaker for me need for it

  • Ismael Rodriguez Jr.


  • Ron Aldo

    Emy Emily Cheick Berthe

  • Soto Neftaly

    CunYz Rivera

  • Michael Titus

    So fresh,I like

  • Davon Moore

    oh shit flame on lmao

  • Razel Gates

    Alex Ortiz

  • Guadalupe Frausto

    Tito Budlight

  • Elias Delacruz

    Kelsey Kimble

  • Kelsey Kimble

    Vinny Ge Kyle Romo Karey Kimble

  • LisaMiranda1

    i want them but am afraid of the damn price….

  • Kelsey Kimble

    Elias Delacruz haha that’s my shit

  • Rc Russell


  • Justin Reyes

    Shits is Garbage

  • Emy Emily

    There ugly

  • Josh Lewis

    Sick as fck

  • Alex Rocha

    Se pasaron de verga

  • Bigpapi Triple Eight-Ent

    Boricuaso Colon

  • Jonathan Baron

    Jose Rodriguez

  • Anthony Battee


  • Fernando Espinoza


  • Jesus Medrano

    Oscar Calleros Cesar Calleros

  • Don Julio Ramoondo

    Joey Deas

  • El Miguel Ruiz

    SalvadorChristy Aguirre

  • V Cotto Rod

    Those are hoy y’all haters don’t like it go cry to your mama haters that’s why y’all don’t have nothing

  • Marcus Matheson

    Lame as all hell. Some drunk made those

  • Andrea Molina

    Michael Varela You need a pair of these haha

  • Shyenne Lewis

    Mack Shine

  • Marterio Tate

    Young Goonie

  • Ese Dizzy

    Sick I need sum

  • Ron Aldo

    I would by them if they weree a general release

  • Derrick Roscoe Bradford

    Wonder how many ppl go get killed over these. Ppl be going crazy over J’s since forever is it ever go stop.I mean its da same damn shoes over and over.half of yall spend all yo money on J’s and still walking.dumb as fuckers

  • Joel Pommerenke

    Ya step on ma corunna’s ya be buyin me a beer, or payin a hospital bill yo!!! :-) lmmfao

  • Abdul Muhammad

    Nice Brian David Willert

  • Jenny Torres

    esa mamada que wee

  • Marcel Diepenbroek

    Why does this shoe suports alcohol????
    I thought it about da Sport n Shoe!

  • Katherine Vance

    them bitches are fuckin raw

  • Nate Russo

    Mon Maumau coronas n Jay’s lol

  • Lily Beverly

    Keesan Ja’Don Beverly lol

  • Maurice Washington

    Christian Garcia heat

  • Keesan Ja’Don Beverly

    Wtf. Why!!???

  • Lily Beverly

    Lol what yu mean why?!?! These Fye! Lol

  • KuMz Jbc


  • AlmaRocio

    Love them where can i get a pair?

  • Isaiah Rodriguez

    Those shoes r fresh

  • Donovan Fernando Alcantara Ponce

    Carlos Valdez Rodriguez Fernando Mancera Vega

  • Talen Thomas


  • Jason Hernandez

    Brenden Hernandez

  • Ian Hugo

    Jordan Peek I like these maybe without the writing on though!

  • Alipate Latu

    Ben Slim Wolferstan

  • Jay Drew


  • Joshua Velez

    These fuego we need these Richard Aristizabal

  • Dennis Thompson

    Cecil Montgomery Kenneth Alexander

  • Michael Varela

    Andrea Molina i gotta get these!! My drinkin shoes lmao

  • Miguel Payaso Arroyo

    We should get these Miguel Magaña Marco Pestaño Jose Gutierrez

  • Deajah Oree

    Tario Carter

  • Collin Gloryboy Allen

    I want these

  • Neto Zamor

    Bobby Delgado

  • Candace Batty

    Mexican nikes

  • Bobby Delgado


  • Tario Carter

    U like these? These ugly:/

  • Deajah Oree

    Naah i was just taggin you, wht i look like wearin some shoes called corona

  • Archie Imperial Zurita

    Roi Rocido

  • Ronnie Villarreal

    aww hell nahhh they look like muhow shoes this is ridiculous

  • Debbie Alfred Rodriguez Resnick

    Wtf want me some.

  • Angel Rodriguez

    Hernan Aguirre would you rock these

  • Hernan Aguirre

    Angel Rodriguez bro id look like a walking corona ._.

  • Roman Garcia

    I need them

  • Renee Lynn

    Cody Hazle these made me think of you.

  • Tony Knudsen

    I want these

  • Gerard Martinez


  • Young Az

    Zulema Lopez

  • Kenny Patane

    Billy Corona

  • Amit Kumar


  • Cody Hazle

    Yo those are dope!!! I would love. A pair of those!!! U know me good nay nay!!:)

  • Luis Lopez

    Jasmine Sanchez ♥.♥

  • Edward Moreno Jr.

    Jose Calderon Chris Damian

  • Patrick Joseph V Eusebio


  • Patrick Joseph V Eusebio


  • Saul Favela

    If the shoe laces were orange I would kneel in my knees for them

  • Darwin Sta Ana

    Morris Albert Carnate Carlo Anthony Buenaflor Julian Ivan Capistrano yan ganda kulay noh

  • K’shawn Anderson

    Andrea Petty

  • Shayla Hardell

    I want to get these. For my husband

  • David Christ

    Me likey

  • Kianna Forte

    hahaha d mexican edition!!!

  • Billy Corona

    That’s fuckin sick n the slight purple makes it!!

  • Julian Cruz

    So dope

  • Joseph Lyberger

    Those are fucking sick. Fives are thee best.

  • Jayhong Vergel


  • Angel IamArt Danny

    this is ugly. And Corona is nasty…lol

  • ArnoldJr AndAmber Torres


  • Ruben Valdovinos

    Rolando Valdovinos, Odalis Barrientos, Alberto Rodriguez

  • Govind Australia


  • Matt Ocon


  • Gerson Montes

    want them

  • Seleniita RUiiz

    Brayan Daniel vas a ti que te laten los jordan :)

  • Sonny Rodgers Jr.

    These fire

  • Carlos Marin

    Quuiero un par para el trabajo x fa

  • Fabiola Gomez

    Esos son para felipe jajaja.

  • Alexis Martinez

    Those shoes are boss!!

  • Makayla Spears


  • Brayan Daniel

    Esta rifados Seleniita RUiiz

  • Alex Ortiz


  • Ivan Jhio Mananzala

    Like ..

  • Will Alvarez

    Jenni I def gotta find these joints

  • Jenni Balado

    Size 5.5 youth please :)

  • Ron Aldo

    Size 10