Air Jordan V (5) “2013 World Series Champions” Customs by DeJesus Customs

Air Jordan V (5) “2013 World Series Champions” Customs by DeJesus Customs


DeJesus Boston AJ Vs

With football coming to a close and baseball only a few months away, DeJesus Customs brings us back to the end of last season with these dope custom Jordan’s. These AJ V’s are full on Boston inspired complete with the ‘Green Monster’ from their Fenway Park as well as both logos on the Navy upper near the ankles. White laces and netting match the baseball toecap complete with the baseball stitches while red teeth along the side and a tonal tongue cap off a ill custom by Dillon DeJesus.

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  • Kurt von Brandt

    Jeffrey Berry

  • Kristena Marie

    not feelin it

  • Garrett Daniels

    Dom Rapp

  • Bobby Ward

    Not Even A Lil Bit

  • Isa Baptiste


  • Adam Donald

    Why woukd you do that to the 5s which are so hard

  • Kurt NgSaye

    Ugly as f@$&

  • Eddie Redice

    the green section sux but the rest is nice

  • Carl Taurus Thomas

    Dyani Tonae

  • Jerm Ramharack

    Good job. But Fnck the Red Sox

  • Peter Wagoner

    Hate the Red Sox but these are pretty dope.

  • Joey Vires

    Robert Anthony Cj Drummond

  • Preston Ashe

    I would get them just to have…

  • Dan Mears

    Nick Budny

  • Jon Dompier

    Red sox is where its at dope kicks

  • Larry Reales

    Did we forget, Jordan’s from Brooklyn.

  • Josh Wilk

    Ryan Sherman

  • Tommy Thompson

    Whatcha think about these pop Tommy T. Thompson

  • Tyler Foley


  • Tommy T. Thompson

    Tommy Thompson if i were a sox fan, i would absolutely love them! as a non-sox fan, i’d say they are a bit busy