Air Jordan Quatro – White / Varsity Red – Black

Air Jordan Quatro – White / Varsity Red – Black


Air Jordan Quatro - White / Varsity Red - Black

Earlier this month, a couple colorways of the Air Jordan Quatro were made available to the public. Some sneakerheads liked them, while others saw them as nothing more than an average sneaker. The one thing we can guarantee you is that this colorway of the Quatro will presumably be one of the most popular colorways released in this Air Jordan team model. If you have knowledge of previously released AJ models, these will undoubtedly remind you of the highly sought after “Mars” colorway of the Air Jordan 4 (IV). Featuring a white leather upper, red accents, and a black strap,┬áthis pair seems to be newer, lower, and more trainer-esque version of the antiquated IV. There is no exact release date as of yet, but stayed tuned for updates. Via Kenlu.

Air Jordan Quatro - White / Varsity Red - Black


  1. Aparrently nike and jordan are running out of ideas cause the garbage ideas they have been coming up with have been making me sick to my stomach smh.

  2. agreed. these make me ill for a lot of reasons. they look so damn cheap. I remember when Jordan stood for quality. I'd like to see Gentry say that with a straight face now.

  3. Yea jordans used to mean highclass Grade A kicks but after the skateboard jordans i think Jay is out of his mind with some of his decisions

  4. leave jordan alone. all these new "designs". fusions is ugly as shit, them skateboard jordan is ugly as shit nd now these running shoes? JUST LEAVE JORDAN ALONE!

  5. Dam!!!!!!!!!! I'm a true shoe head, but even when the jordan started making "jordan brand" I was cool because the cost just as much as a signature pair. Now that is's all over for that it seems they are pushing the issue quite a bit some of the styles and the prices don't reel me in either. These Jays go hard though i would get these off a clearance rack!

  6. ok so clearly all you people are hatin off jordan cause all yal aint got bank like him. And just cause you think some are hammered or ugly dont mean there ugly. Every one has different tastes in shoes.z HATERZ

  7. those and the ripoff 7's are sad, they are only worn by people, who see the jumpman logo and automatically think they are jordans, sad.

  8. Ok well im guessin these are running shoes.And well how many running shoes would you say you would rock with tha exeption of Air Maxes.So i mean they are not meant for fashion they're meant for comfort.

  9. No more retros just spanish versions now, lets call em refried, cant wait the the onces. Damn you JB releasing this garbage.