Air Jordan 13 Retro Ray Allen PE Now Available @ Kix-Files

Air Jordan 13 Retro Ray Allen PE Now Available @ Kix-Files



After the “infamous” limited release of the overwhelmingly anticipated Air Jordan 13 Retro Ray Allen PE on FinishLine and at select retailers in the Boston, Massachusetts area, Ray Allen’s PE has been highly sought after since. Some of the exclusive, elusive Ray Allen PEs popped up on eBay for astronomical prices. Kix-Files will have limited quantities of the Air Jordan 13 Retro Ray Allen PE now for a pretty penny. The Air Jordan 13 Retro PE will be priced at $800. Hurry and head on to Kix-Files to pick up a pair before they run out. They are sure to be sold out in moments so do not hesitate! Images via Kix-Files


  1. No thanks. With $800, I’ll buy the AJ III “Black Cements”, AJ XI “Concords” and see what Nike puts out for AF1’s. But man, my chances of copping “Black Cements” & “Concords” are slim!!!! If only I had a connect!!!!

  2. lol $800…I love kicks but lets be realistic…..$800 for 1 pair of predominantly white shoes which will be messed up quickly is outrageous…and anybody who willing to pay that much for a simple pair of shoes is crazy and the reason why retailers would list an outrageous price in a bad economy…These shoes are plain and simple….ray allen is a good ball player but damn $800…You cant even get into most clubs or events with gym shoes so why would I spend $800?….I love sneakers but thats crazy I would rather buy an og….Actually I would rather buy a retro that looks similar to an og… least mike played in em while making history

  3. its worth the price they limited, u just tight u dont got em. but for retail n resale for profit, u wont buy em but sum dum nigga would