adidas Mutombo – Black Patent Leather Sample

adidas Mutombo – Black Patent Leather Sample


adidas Mutombo Black Patent Leather Sample

For fans of the adidas Mutombo, 2013 was indeed a great year for all of you as the classic silhouette went on a retail tear throughout the year. With the most recent release of the black/white colorway, it seems like the folks over at adidas may have had something else in store for the shoes second retro run. In taking a look at this sample pair, this muted version is equipped with a black patent leather upper atop a crisp white sole. Where these left on the cutting room floor? Or could this be a preview of what’s to come? Check out another look after the jump and be sure to drop us a line in the comments section below.

adidas Mutombo Black Patent Leather Sample

Photos via RegularolTy

  • Bethney Nicole Cherie

    Joshua Harris these siik

  • Joshua Harris

    Yea fasho go ham

  • Curtis Watson

    Shakor Beauregard

  • Shakor Beauregard


  • Tony Gross

    Those are cleaner than the originals…..

  • Nichalas E J Riepele

    Yeah they way tighter then the original

  • Daniel Roberto Grecco

    Thiago Dutra e Celso Gaburi tenis do mutombo

  • Lee Saya

    Duane Gee these mutombos are sick

  • Avatar Muhammad


  • Jones Jay

    Oh yes Ashton Mason I’m get these and the Ewing’s.

  • Ashton BelAir Mason

    Just Ewing’s for me

  • Jones Jay

    The Ewing’s I’m mos def feeling with the new york snapback.

  • Ashton BelAir Mason

    Yep I got the beanie

  • Darius Mcintyre


  • Monty Anderson


  • Terry Too Heat


  • Sweezy Terry

    Want those

  • Shairazi Effrim

    Yes please.

  • Jamie Abbott

    Marvin Brink

  • William Ormsby

    Johnny Dee

  • Clement Clem’s Lopes

    Helder Pereira *-*

  • Paul Mark Natanauan

    Not bad

  • Sam Chhieng

    I want those…not to wear just to have cause they ugly as fuck! lol

  • Kevin KoolBreeze Mckinney

    Looks like he has em on the wrong

  • Arjun Veer


  • Tay Gordon

    Ryan Kings

  • Marceau Azor

    Yo I thought the thing@kevin KoolBreeze Mckinney

  • Márcio Winchester

    perfeito… eu quero

  • Warren Travisgang

    Thick ass ugly sole. Look like some old people shoes, the hype is real

  • Andrew Iskander


  • Ryan Kings

    After I Just Got One Smh Them Shits Tough Tay

  • Bubba Smiff Jr.

    release ’em!

  • Tay Gordon

    Deadass , Theyre Only A Sample So There Will Still Be Time To Cop Bro Ryan Kings

  • Dustin Moffitt

    So fuckin fly!!!!!

  • Asim Hadziomerovic

    Dikembe Mutombo aaaaaa B-)

  • Christian Roy

    I got my pair of ds mutombos this morning.

  • Jay Al-Mu’min Muhammad Hill

    Never in life would I wear that bullshyt

  • Bradley A. Taylor

    Sole a little too thick

  • Omar Mcknight


  • Kyle Michael Smith

    Corey Sipe

  • Mert Ertuğrul Eskinova

    Dope as fuck!

  • Morea Muntslag

    Saffira Candy

  • Jimmy Mercado

    Kofi Jose R

  • Kofi Jose R

    Jimmy Mercado I kno I saw them ♥.♥

  • Pedro Maldonado

    Not Bad to play Basketball with them.

  • Angel Eduardo

    Makes me wanna towupppppp

  • Bobby Crabtree

    And that’s why I keep NIKE’s on my feet!! Mark Humphreys

  • Keegan Cortez

    Look like straight clown shoes

  • Mario Lopez

    Nice ! Iwant a pair.

  • Davon Allen

    they aight….I think

  • Kittithep Naraphatsirisakun

    wow How much is it?

  • Tiffany Tiff Scott

    nooooo clowny

  • Ongthup Lepcha

    Fucking cool

  • Mark Vasquez

    Joe Hernandez

  • Paopao Licaros Hernandez

    Sheeeeet motombo idol!

  • Cal Matthew Zolanskii

    That White Fucked Everything Up…

  • Tim Davis

    ahh ahh ahh…. not in myyyyy hoooouse!!

  • Cyrius Prime

    I N C R O Y A B L E

  • David Goodrich

    wow a pair of adidas i actually like

  • Lolo V Fleming

    Wouldn’t mind if I do

  • Anna Stephanie

    Like that 55!

  • Diantha MsUnderstood Hunter

    nice colors but I wudnt wear them

  • Eddie Lenarduzzi

    Icey af

  • Crisp Culture

    nice… hope they release these