Undefeated x PUMA Suede Mid II Teaser

Undefeated x PUMA Suede Mid II was first sighted at the end of last month and a follow up teaser is pictured above. The initial preview displayed the Blue version in the collaboration along with black accents and Undefeated finishes. A few more colorways will also be available and includes white, red, and black. Each features a black logo stripe with the PUMA logo in gold.  Keep an eye out for the Undefeated x PUMA Suede Mid II when it releases in the coming weeks. 

Undefeated x PUMA Suede Mid II Teaser


  1. well since the first guy didnt say it. FIRST. n cant wait for the individual pics to come out.


  2. doubt that you’ll find it online. i hear theres only 48 pairs coming out worldwide. most of them are going to be in LA and Santa Monica. im really trying to get these. let me know if you find out anything else about these

  3. when they come out i know for sure that one of the places that will have them is the UNDEFEATED store in LA on labrea st. dont know hooooww much they are making though

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