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Nike Kobe 9 Elite ‘Bruce Lee’, Gift From Kobe to Terrell Owens

When you're Terrell Owens, you get awesome gifts from other incredible athletes. For example, on Christmas Owens received this pair of Nike Kobe...

Terrell Owens Seattle Seahawks Air Jordan 3 PE Cleats

In 2012 Terrell Owens played for the Seattle Seahawks. During that time and his ties with JB, he received a pair of Air...

Air Jordan III (3) Terrell Owens ‘Dallas Cowboys’ PE Cleats

Apparently the Air Jordan III (3) Terrell Owens "Dallas Cowboys" PE Cleats that we showed you back in 2008 weren't the only ones hanging...

Terrell Owens Runs Drills in Air Jordan VI (6) PE

Terrell Owens is certainly not a first timer to turn a pair of his favorite Jordan's into football cleats including a pair of Air...

Catch This: Terrell Owens Air Jordan III Player Exclusive (PE)

Terrell Owens has been on the receiving end of some choice Air Jordan III (3) Player Exclusive cleats.