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Nike Air Max 90 Jurassic Park Custom Sekure D

Nike Air Max 90 ‘Jurassic Park’ Custom by Sekure D

With Jurassic World releasing in June, Sekure D was commissioned to customize a pair of Nike Air Max 90s for the movie. Instead...

Air Jordan VI (6) “Mummy” Customs by Sekure D

Sneaker artists have quite the job creating custom footwear that manages to have stand out qualities and showcase their artistic skills. There is a...

Air Jordan V (5) “Smash 2” Customs by Sekure D

Picking up where he left off with a previous version of his Air Jordan V "Smash" customs, Sekure D is striking back in full...

Air Jordan X (10) “Teal Graffiti” Customs by Sekure D

We've been watching Australia based sneaker artist, Sekure D, for a while now. We're always geeking over his custom kicks, because the boy puts...
SekureD AM90 Teal Night

Nike Air Max 90 “Teal Night” Custom by Sekure D

After seeing the "Bacon" Air Jordan V's (5), Sekure D hits us with another masterpiece with these Nike Air Max's. These AM90's have a...
SekureD BaconVs

Air Jordan V (5) “Bacon” Custom by Sekure D

When inspiration gives you the drive to create something then that's when it becomes more than just wearing sneakers. Custom genius Sekure D did...
Air Jordan 5 Smash Customs by Sekure D

Air Jordan 5 “Smash” Customs by Sekure D

Having already transformed a pair of the "Laney" Air Jordan Vs into a Despicable Me-inspired look, it looks like Sekure D is back with...
Air Jordan V Minion by Sekure D

Air Jordan V (5) “Minion” by Sekure D

Sneaker customizer Sekure D is back on the scene and this time around, he shows some love to the Minion characters from Despicable Me....

Air Jordan IV (4) ‘Asphalt’ Custom

Sekure D is at the top of his custom game again as today welcomes a detailed look at the Air Jordan IV (4) "Asphalt". Using...
Air Jordan IV Sinner City Customs by Sekure D

Air Jordan IV “Sinner City” Customs by Sekure D

In case you haven't noticed, sneaker customizer Sekure D definitely has a hug interest in comics. Using the "Fire Red" Air Jordan IV as...