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Amber Rose Reebok Freestyle Muva Fuka

Amber Rose x Reebok Freestyle Hi ‘Muva Fuka’ Available Now

Not long ago, Amber Rose did an interview with Everyday Struggle from Complex where she broke the news that she had a sneaker collaboration...
Reebok Freestyle Hi Spirit Pack

Reebok Freestyle Hi ‘Spirit’ Pack

When the Reebok Freestyle Hi originally launched in 1982, every woman that was into aerobics had to have a pair. Shortly after, just...

Reebok Classic ‘OG White’ Pack

Presumably a follow-up to last year's "White" Collection, it's back to basics for Summer 2014 with Reebok Classics as they gear up to introduce...

Reebok Classic Reserve Spring 2014 “Franchise Vulcanized” Collection

Following the release of pictures on the Reebok Classic Inferno Tech 90s Spring/ Summer 2014 collection, Reebok keeps it moving with photos of another...

Keith Haring Foundation x Reebok Freestyle Hi ‘Pyramid Pop Art’ Collection

As Reebok has teamed up with the Keith Haring Foundation several times this year, the two have managed to deliver yet another collection. The "Pyramid...

Reebok Freestyle Hi ‘Suede’ Pack

Not to be confused with the previously featured Reebok Freestyle Hi "Vintage" Pack, the "Suede" Pack definitely stands in a lane of its own. Featuring...
Reebok Freestyle Hi Vintage Pack

Reebok Freestyle Hi: Vintage Pack

As many older trends resurface, brands are taking advantage of such a leaning market. Reebok's Freestyle Hi Vintage Pack for women is a prime...
Womwns Reebok Freestyle Hi R12

Womens Reebok Freestyle Hi R12

Reebok Classics has brought back the Freestyle Hi but added some flair! The Freestyle Hi R12, like it's sister the Freestyle Hi still dons...
Reebok Freestyle Hi 'Sushi International Edition' - Now Available

Reebok Freestyle Hi ‘Sushi International Edition’ – Now Available

New from Reebok is this unique take on the Freestyle Hi. Dubbed the "Sushi International Edition", this Freestyle sports a combination of green, yellow and...

Women’s Reebok Freestyle High “Acid Wash” Purple/White & Red/White

The Reebok team is most definitely making a splash this year with its new Zigtech training shoe. But, being one of the OG...