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Nike Shox Pro – Vince Carter “Home” PE

Vince Carter has been an NBA pioneer for such things as the dunk and basketball footwear. Early in his career, Carter used one...

Nike Shox Vision – Vince Carter PE

2010 saw the return of several classic Nike Basketball silhouettes to the delight of multitudes of sneaker afficionados. One of those Nike Basketball...

Nike Shox Vision – Tayshaun Prince PE

After the additions of Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva, the Detroit Pistons had very high aspirations for this NBA season. However, due to...
Nike Shox Vision - Brad Miller PEs

Nike Shox Vision – Brad Miller PEs

Though Brad Miller and his Chicago Bulls have been eliminated from the NBA Playoffs in the first round by the Cleveland Cavaliers, today, we...
Nike Shox Vision - Andrei Kirilenko PE

Nike Shox Vision – Andrei Kirilenko PE

Though the Nike Shox Vision is not considered to be the top sneaker from Nike's quite impressive basketball collection, it is the sneaker that...