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Tag: Nike Air Garnett III

Nike Air Max 3 – ‘Minnesota Home’ Colorway Now Available

The Nike Air Max 3, formally known as the Air Garnett III, has made its way to retailers in its iconic White/Black/Blue 'Minnesota Home'...

Nike Air Max 3 – Fall 2009 Release

The Nike Air Max 3, formerly known as the Air Garnett III, is back in action, with the anticipated OG colorway hitting Nike retailers...

Nike Air Max 3 (Air Garnett 3) – Spring 2010

Since Kevin Garnett is now endorsed by adidas, Nike has been forced to change the name of the Air Garnett 3 to the Air...

Nike Basketball Fall / Winter 2009 Part 2

Nike Basketball has some fire in store of Fall/Winter 2009. During this quarter Nike plans on releasing a few retros as well as a...

Nike Air Garnett III (3) Retro – Black / Blue

The Nike Zoom Fun Police hinted at a possibly return of the Air Garnett III (3) - Black / Blue when images surfaced showing...