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Release Reminder: Patta x Diadora N9000 ‘Made in Italy’


You’d be sadly mistaken to assume that with Diadora and Amsterdam’s Patta teaming up that the end result would be anything less than incredible.

As “incredible” may be an understatement when describing the new Patta x Diadora N9000, its details are enough to finish the conversation. This “Made in Italy” model once again offers premium Japanese suede materials, mesh and leather panels, blue and red accents, “Sn” inner graphics commemorating Patta’s 10 year anniversary, and signature “Patta” embroidery to remind you of who’s here for the taking.

A limited edition release, the Patta x Diadora N9000 “Made in Italy” is now available in sizes US6-12 at a retail price of €150 ($203USD), in-store and online through Patta.

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