What should’ve been a signature sneaker, the Nike Air Up returns today in its recognizable “Orlando” colorway.

Once worn by players like Scottie Pippen and Penny Hardaway, this popular retro from ’94-95 gets done over in an official black, game royal, and white color combination that meshes well with its leather and nubuck construction. A perfect node to Penny’s former Orlando Magic team, this 2014 receives a patent leather Swoosh and classic tongue branding.

Grab a pair today for $130.

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Foot Locker
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  1. Nick Anthony says:

    They didn’t do this shoe justice the quality sucks. They didn’t stay true to the originals which were actually fire when they came out back in the day. The ogs the black was suede and these are the newer seamless style which is basically just a painted all leather version one piece with sloppy glue work and bad paint instead of leather and suede with stitching all over the shoe. I been a life long sneakerhead but to kinda cheap out on materials and take little shortcuts to cut production costs for a bigger profit and still charge top dollar has just ruined the game. Jordan’s a good majority of Nike have been doing this more and more over the last few years making a less expensive shoe to make and have the nerve to raise the prices evvery year for a shoe that costs less and leas to produce every year. I mean I guess that’s just business and thats how more. Money is made but damn as the customer we are slowly getting robed over the years. The sneaker game isjUSTnot what it used to be we pay twice as much for shoes with materials that cost half as much as they used to. Idk man these days might wana find a new hobby or if you wana get your moneys worth quality wise start grabbing some new balances or premium edition nikes

  2. Nick Anthony says:

    Damn that was a long ass post I went off on this shoe lol im not hating I liked them was gonna get them today saw three diff pairs yesterday and they all had paint scuffs and glue everywhere and cheap leather

  3. Ryan Veach says:

    Nick Anthony yeah I agree man, they should have just made it completely OG like the original. No idea why they didnt

  4. William W. says:

    I had these back in the day . My fav pair of Nikes ever . But if they didnt do it justice 2nd time around ill keep my $$

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