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Release Reminder: Extra Butter x Saucony Grid 9000 ‘ACES’


The Extra Butter x Saucony Grid 9000 “ACES” begins its 3-part release tonight!

As part of this Saucony Grid 9000‘s special delivery, the Extra Butter team will release NASA-inspired runner tonight at 8PM EST through their 125 Orchard Street store located in New York City. As with the sneakers which will retail at $130, a commemorative “ACES” t-shirt (limited to only 50 pieces) will also be released for $40.

If you’re in town, hurry down to EB on Orchard as the line has already formed. A follow-up release is to happen again on Saturday at 10AM EST through their Rockville Center store, and once again on Monday at 7PM EST for all online customers.

Visit for all details. Good luck!

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