Model: Reebok – Reebok Ventilator
Purpose: Running
Original Release: n/a
Updates: Reebok News

The Reebok Ventilator is a classic men’s shoe which was a modern spin of the classic Reebok running shoe of the early shoes. Comprised of a full-grain leather upper that offers extra comfort, soft support, a durable rubber outsole for shock absorption and great traction and not to forget the EVA Insole with Hexalite also provides great comfort and extra cushioning, the Ventilator is a classic shoe that is still popular till this day.

Reebok Ventilator

Reebok Ventilator
Over the years, different Reebok Ventilators have released, with various themes and collaborations. One of the most recent and known release was the Reebok Ventilator Voltron.