Model: Reebok – Reebok Freestyle
Purpose: Training
Original Release: 1982
Updates: Reebok News

The Reebok Freestyle was released in 1982 under the women’s athletic line. The shoe was initially designed for aerobic exercise, but it slowly made its way as a fashionable shoe like many of the Reebok releases.

Reebok Freestyle

Reebok Freestyle
In 1984, the Freestyle accounted for more than of Reebok sales, becoming one of the most popular shoes of its time. Originally,the Freestyle was introduced as a low-top Oxford-style shoe composed of leather with a gum sole.

In the mid-1980’s, Reebok would go on tore lease the hi-top Freestyle, which was more popular than its counterpart. The hi-top version feature an ankle-high cut and consisted of two Velcro closures.