Reebok to End Partnership with Rick Ross

Looks like there’s even more misfortune headed towards rapper Rick Ross. On the heels of the “date rape lyric” controversy surrounding the MMG frontman, the one time Reebok spokesperson may be on the outs, as it is being reported that Reebok has decided to end its partnership with Ross.

Do you sneakerheads think Reebok is making the right decision? Feel free to let us know if you think Ross’s dismissal was appropriate.

Reebok to End Partnership with Rick Ross


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  1. I think it was the right choice by Reebok to end the relationship with Rick Ross. Not hating or anything like that but I am not a fan of his work, but when I heard this lyric he said I as a man was offended but also offended for young girls and woman. Things like that should be allowed to be recorded. Yes we have free speach but that was going to far. I honestly think no one else should sign him. Reebok did the right thing. They have an image to protect.

  2. So it’s ok to rap about sellin coke and killin people but date rape is where they draw the line?