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racPOP Cases – Restock and Give Away

racpop cases restock and giveaway

If you are tuned into the sneaker community on YouTube, chances are you have seen racPOP’s sneaker inspired cases everywhere lately.  racPOP created the now ultra-craved “SB” iPhone case, featuring the new SB box image on a high quality UnCommon iPhone case.  Due to high demand the case sold out in a matter of hours, as well as several other very sought after sneaker inspired designs.  To rectify the issue they have come up with a really easy way to get your hands on the sold out cases; They are having a race to 1,000 Instagram followers (and beyond)!

Once racPOP reaches 1,000 followers on Instagram they will pick one lucky follower who will receive a FREE case of their choice, including any of the sold out models. For everyone else, racPOP will also announce the date and time of a limited restock on all sold out models as well!  This will continue at every 1,000 new Instagram followers, with an extra winner added every time a new milestone is reached.  For example at 2,000 followers, two people will be chosen to receive FREE cases- at 3,000, three lucky followers will get FREE cases, and so on!  Each time 1,000 followers is reached they will again announce a limited restock event for everyone.

On top of the chance to win FREE cases and restock opportunities,  racPOP’s Instagram is the best place to see new and upcoming releases. There are a ton of great cases (not all of which are sneaker inspired), featuring some great original artwork. Definitely something for everyone.  Be sure to follow racPOP on Instagram for your chance to win, and share with your friends for more opportunities to win.  Take a look at some of the sold out cases that will be coming back in the limited restock just after the break, and head over to racPOP now to check out their current line up!

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Photos: racPOP

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