Model: Puma – Puma Trimm Quick / Trimm Fit
Purpose: Training
Original Release: 1970’s
Updates: Puma News

The Puma Trimm Quick / Trimm Fit was released in the 1970’s as a training shoe. The Trimm Quick features a perforated toe box and the puma vamp on the side. The Trimm Fit is the same as the Trimm Quick, except it uses a Velcro fastening system instead of laces.

Puma Trimm Quick / Trimm Fit

Puma Trimm Quick / Trimm Fit
The Puma Trimm Quick/ Trimm Fit is a simple sneaker, much like other puma models of this era. A simple low top silhouette with a traditional Puma vamp is all that’s needed here.

The Puma S.P.A. Trimm features breakthrough technology. S.P.A. stands for “Sportabsatz”, or sports heel, and can help an athlete reduce the risk of injury by up to 30%.