Many brands are rolling out “Year of the Horse” collections this year; Puma is no exception. With the brand’s Takumi line, they’ve done just that with the Puma Suede and Suede Mid.

This “Made in Japan” duo renders consumers a one-of-kind product whose build features some of the finest materials available. We’re talking soft pony hair layers and horse leather panels. Everything from its embroidery to branding is simply perfect and offers a finish like no other. Whether to a fancy party or on the go, there’s no looking back with these sneakers.

The Puma Takumi “Year of the Horse” Spring 2014 Collection is now available at select Puma retailers now.

puma-takumi-year-of-the-horse-spring-2014-collection-2 puma-takumi-year-of-the-horse-spring-2014-collection-3 puma-takumi-year-of-the-horse-spring-2014-collection-4 puma-takumi-year-of-the-horse-spring-2014-collection-5 puma-takumi-year-of-the-horse-spring-2014-collection-6


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