Iron Man Nike SB X Poler

Nike SB and Poler, a company based out of Portland, Oregon that specializes in outdoor gear, have teamed up to create an extremely snazzy outdoor sneaker. Now of course not every single person wears there ACG Trainerendor’s outdoor hiking and whatnot, but with this new colorway you may not want to in the first place. Poler and Nike agreed upon a “Iron Man” color scheme with a gold upper consisting of mesh on most of the body of the sneakers. The strap and panels across the laces are a dark burgundy suede with the actual laces and the Nike Swoosh towards the back a bright pink. The grooved midsole is black with a popular feature lately, the speckle this time in red. Poler also has a logo on the red tongue and also the insole that is encased by a soft brown inner lining. These can be scooped up at Korean-based Kasina now for $122(US) in most sizes.

Let us know how you feel about the “Iron Man” Nike SB X Poler collaboration on the ACG Trainerendor’s in the comments section below and stay tuned to Sneakerfiles for exclusive Nike products and much more!

Iron Man Nike SB X Poler

Via Kasina

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