He’s our modern day Renaissance Man, by all accounts. From producing hit records and collectiong Grammy awards to the release of Happy and more, Pharrell Williams is on top of the world again as he prepares for the unveiling of his Adidas collaboration soon. Speaking of which, P sheds light on the collab in a recent interview with W Mag.

Pharrell says:

“I have a new clothing collaboration with Adidas and it’s called Adidas = Pharrell Williams. I know I can’t trademark the equal sign, and that’s fine with me because, you know what? It’s just…equal. The ‘Happy’ video is about equality; my music is about equality, and being associated with the idea of equal got me where I am now.”

Having elevated his artistic ability and fashion sense over the years through the promotion of equality, we’re very anxious to see what becomes of this line. Could we see special edition sneakers? You know, ones that depict positive images like his Stan Smith customs shown above?

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  1. Looks like I can draw that stuff myself or give a kid some supplies and get that done