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Packer Shoes x Reebok Question Mid “For Player Use Only’ Pack


Packer Shoes might’ve outdone themselves with this project as today welcomes an official first look at the forthcoming Packer Shoes x Reebok Question Mid “For Player Use Only” Pack.

First teased on Wednesday, no one knew exactly what was to become of this collaboration as we were only presented with “Promo Sample” and “For Player Use Only” phases in black and white. As a complete turn around Packer Shoes presents the Reebok Question Mid in two PE colorways that celebrate Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. What will essentially be released to the public for the first time ever, each silhouette will display corresponding team colors – Kobe with the ’03 Lakers and LeBron an endorser of St. Vincent-St. Mary.

Done up in white leather uppers, Kobe’s PE dons purple and yellow accents with “8” heel branding whereas LeBron’s Reebok Question Mid works in a suede toebox with”LBJ23″embroidery plus  “2” and “3” branding to represent his jersey number. Impressive, right?

Okay so how can you get your hands on them? Listen up, Packer Shoes has all the details…


  • The Reebok Question “FOR PLAYER USE ONLY” Pack launches in-store via Reservation Ticket ONLY.
  • Both the white-purple/gold AND the white/green/gold Reebok Question will be sold together as a pack.
  • Retail for the Pack is $300 USD.
  • Reservation tickets will be issued Monday (Oct. 14th) and Tuesday (Oct. 15th) from 10am-8pm in-store (WHILE SUPPLIES LAST).
  • Reservation tickets will guarantee your size.
  • Pick-up dates are Friday, October 18th & Saturday, October 19th during our normal business hours of 12pm-7pm.
  • Your pick-up date and time will be given to you once you complete your reservation.
  • Reservation tickets are NON-TRANSFERABLE.
  • You WILL NOT be allowed to purchase the “FOR PLAYER USE ONLY” pack without your original reservation ticket.
  • State or Government issued identification is mandatory.
  • Anyone without PROPER ID will not be allowed to purchase the pack.
  • Purchases will be limited to one (1) pack per customer.
  • We are located in a residential neighborhood, PLEASE RESPECT OUR NEIGHBORS.


  • The Reebok Question “FOR PLAYER USE ONLY” Pack launches online Friday, October 18th @ 12pm noon EST.
  • Both the white-purple/gold AND the white/green/gold Reebok Question will be sold together as a pack.
  • RETAIL IS $300 USD.
  • Purchases will be limited to one (1) pair per customer/household/card holder.
  • All orders will be shipped only to the customer’s billing address. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Please allow up 7 business days to receive a tracking confirmation for your order.
  • Once you receive tracking confirmation, please allow an additional 3-5 business days for delivery.

Stay tuned to Sneaker Files for more on the Packer Shoes x Reebok Question Mid “For Player Use Only” Pack!

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