nike-zoom-rookie-arizona-tea-customs-by-tae-custom-kicksLet’s be real for a second; who doesn’t love some good ole tea? Tea is the perfect remedy for a hot, summer day, especially with these heat waves sweeping the nation. Tae Custom Kicks has decided to turn an old pair of Nike Zoom Rookies, into a new project with a theme that may be familiar to you.

The Nike Zoom Rookie ‘Arizona Tea’ customs by Tae Custom Kicks have turquoise overlays, with a black suede base, and hand painted cherry blossom trees. Tae gets real crafty with these kicks, by showcasing his fading technique throughout the entire pair of shoes, specifically on the side of the toes and near the black panel unit on the ankles. The familiar blooming cherry blossoms of the packaging on Arizona Tea makes an appearance on the overlays, showcasing another technique of Tae’s.

Arizona Tea is that drink that no one really mentions, but everyone drinks (although I’m more of a Mucho Mango kid, myself). Tae did an awesome job with the artwork on these shoes, from his fading effects to the trees. Continue down the page for an alternate photo of these customs, and check out some more of Tae Custom Kicks’ work on his site!


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  1. Also I love the galaxy ones that are so darn expensive! Have you seen them? The foam soles by nike I think?