When we saw the McFly inspired Nike Mag drop in 2011, we were stunned! Sneaker conisseurs everywhere were scrambling to get their hands on them. Well, on Friday at Jordan Brand’s Flight Lab in New Orleans, Tinker Hatfield confirmed at 2015 return for the Nike Mag, with self-lacing features. “Are we going to see power laces in 2015? To that, I say yes,” Hatfield said. We’re definitely going to stay posted on this as more news comes from Nike! Stay tuned with Sneakerfiles for more info! (Source Nice Kicks)

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  1. Man, hype is gonna be even worse than ever before smfh. Bet people are gonna camp out for weeks!

  2. He didn’t say the air mag though… He just said power laces… He’s been said power laces are a possibility.

  3. They gon be waaaaayyyy over my price range DeAndre Victrum James Rockdale Moore Warren Lee III

  4. StayTooned_ sneakerfiles I’ve been waiting for these since people paid like 40k for them lol

  5. now I gonna start to save some money for those shoes if you’re guys have a real swag and style, you should know what I’m talking about

  6. There’s SB’s and samples of these that are way hotter! Be about the hype on those. BOYCOTT these lol

  7. HYPEBEAST at it’s fullest extent when it comes to these only due to the charitable event that realead them

  8. Those are already out I’ve seen them at sneaker conventions…In person they’re kind of ugly only thing special on them is the lights.

  9. if u wear these u r are str8 fuckin clown with no style that only bought them cuz a corporation told u 2