Nike LeBron 9 Elite “Reverse Watch the Throne” Custom
Only the most serious sneakerheads wish they could get their hands on a pair of the exclusive Nike LeBron 9 “Watch the Throne”. After all, it was rumored to be one of the most limited samples ever released by Nike.

Custom genius Twizz took it upon himself to bring the Nike LeBron 9 “Watch the Throne” back on the limelight with this super sick custom he calls Nike LeBron 9 Elite “Reverse Watch the Throne”. Personally, these look way better than the original. Twizz takes the art from the inside of the “Watch the Throne” and puts it on the outside of the sneaker! The carbon fiber plate is given the royal treatment with the well-known Watch the Throne pattern. The Swoosh has been infused with gold holographic waves. To finish off the sneaker, Twizz covers the insole with more of the Watch the Throne print.

So what do you think? Which of the two (the original “Watch the Throne” or the “reverse”) looks better? Share your thoughts after the pictures below.

Nike LeBron 9 Elite “Reverse Watch the Throne” Custom
Nike LeBron 9 Elite “Reverse Watch the Throne” Custom
Nike LeBron 9 Elite “Reverse Watch the Throne” Custom
Nike LeBron 9 Elite “Reverse Watch the Throne” Custom
Photos via Twizz Customs.

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  1. benv831 That’s debatable. He’s not the scorer that those guys are, definitely more of a Magic/Penny type player.

  2. DJAC82 true but can pass. Defend. Makes his team better. Can’t ask for more then that. Now has the rings and Mvps to prove it.

  3. DJAC82 needs at least one more ring. Three is good. Keeps him in the Convo. 4 would be better. But will see what happens

  4. DJAC82 horry or rodam. Come on man. Those are just roll players no Mvps. Nothing. Just in the right place at the right time. Smh.

  5. benv831 Right place at the right time? You better watch some highlights. Rodman started on every championship team he was on.

  6. DJAC82 he got rebounds. Don’t get me wrong. Great player. You just comparing him to the wrong player. Rodman want the best player ever

  7. DJAC82 major parts. Not the main guy. Not jordan not kobe. Not kd. ROLE PLAYERS. Lebron is the main guy everyone focuses on.