nike-lebron-11-great-hall-customs-by-district-customs-202Millions of people will be tuning into another episode of Game of Thrones tonight (myself included), especially since the fourth season just kicking off last week! Another fan of the show, District Customs 202, had his creative juices flowing and came up with an idea for a pair of Nike LeBron 11s that draw upon some of the setting elements from the show.

District Customs 202 mimics key features of the Great Hall in Game of Thrones, like the rich toned marble with the Nike LeBron 11 “Great Hall” customs. DC202 wanted to incorporate the luxurious characteristics of the Great Hall, and used the marble towers that align around the Iron Throne. Shimmers of gold and bronze accentuate the marbling graphics that were entirely hand painted.

There’s no denying the ultra-luxuriousness that exudes from these Nike LeBron 11 “Great Hall” customs! District Customs 202 did an amazing job painting the marbling effects with so much detail. Scroll further down for more shots of these customs now!

nike-lebron-11-great-hall-customs-by-district-customs-202 nike-lebron-11-great-hall-customs-by-district-customs-202

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  1. I’m sick of customs. As if enough colorways don’t already exist. Especially LeBron colorways. I appreciate the artistic effort and value though.