Nike WTKobe 8

Nike just released the Kobe 8 in the “Pit Viper” colorway that everyone waited patiently for, well just after calming your nerves we get images of the Kobe 8 “What The Kobe.” The image shown by @SoleStage shows two shoes with the first on the left being a primarily red based shoe with green, yellow, orange and black accents with features including a new upper design as well as a speckled heel and braided laces. The new design is also featured on the blue version that is accompanied by purple and red shades as well as a light blue sole. These are hopefully expected to drop before the end of the year along with a few other colorways. Are you feeling the “What The Kobe” Kobe 8 or is it a little too much for you? Let us know in the comments section below and stay tuned to Sneakerfiles for more news on the Kobe 8 and much more!

Nike WTKobe 8

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  1. I’m not really a fan of these and I love kobes. The Kobe 7 WTK looks better because the different Kobe 7 models stand out more in that shoe.

  2. Soooo it doesn’t matter whether you like em or not they gone sell and they gone make money because it’s Lebron … Kobe …. And Kevin Durant …. Well respected basketball players …!!! All kids aim to be just like em so they gone but their products…. All ya unnecessary ass comments about they trash and garbage and blah blah blah don’t mean shit..! Because I guarantee if they was standing in front of you with the same damn shoe you calling ugly and have you a pair signed yo ass woul take em..!! STOP FUCKIN FRONTIN FOR FB..!!!

  3. i do think these should be the last color ways for the kobe 8 so they can incorporate all the kobe 8’s colorways in this pair. Regardless still imma attempt to cop

  4. these are ok..i am ready for the kbix already..come on nike..what is the hold up…just do it! drop the pics!!!


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