So far the Nike Free Flyknit has made a tremendous impact on the running world since its debut several weeks ago. With such innovative barefoot technology, this lightweight silhouette has redefined the Free phenomenon. Nike keeps the momentum of this shoe going by introducing it to another country: Mexico.

n México last weekend, Nike took a unique approach to present Nike Free Flyknit, a new generation of running footwear designed to flex with the foot in motion and informed by Nike´s “Nature Amplified” design ethos — an approach fueled by scientific data and athlete insights.

To demonstrate the power of natural running, Nike México brought media, influencers and runners to visit Sierra Tarahumara and the Raramuri tribe, an aboriginal culture known for its ancient running traditions, including barefoot running.

“Aligned with Nike´s Nature Amplified ethos, we believe the Raramuri are a great inspiration since they embody a philosophy where running is a natural part of their life as well as an unlimited source of well-being and enjoyment,” said Luis Godinez, Nike México Running Brand Manager.

The experience began in Guachochi, Chihuahua, one of the most iconic Raramuri cities, where Raramuri runners Arnulfo Quimare and Antonio Luna shared the tradition and benefits of barefoot running.

The journey culminated in a six-mile race in the canyons of Barranca de la Sinforosa, the route the Tarahumara take for their traditional 10- to 50-mile runs. Runners hit the dry, rocky trail in the new Nike Free Flyknit shoes while taking in the incredible views of Barrancas del Cobre, Chihuahua.

The Nike Free Flyknit unites two of Nike’s most innovative and popular technologies to deliver a compression fit that locks the foot in place along with the freedom of barefoot-like flexibility.

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