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Nike Brings Nature-Inspired Art Exhibition to ArtRio 2013


Sneakers is to art as music is to dance; there is a direct correlation and can thus be used interchangeably in discussion. This is the conversation and idea that Nike has started as they bring a nature-inspired art exhibit to ArtRio 2013.

Sport, art and technology come together in a compelling art exhibit as part of ArtRio 2013, the International Art Fair of Rio de Janeiro. Featuring over 100 galleries carefully selected by a curating committee, ArtRio celebrates Nike’s latest running innovation, Nike Free Flyknit, highlighting the “Nature Amplified” Design ethos – an approach focused on designing for the body in motion and fueled by scientific data and athlete insights.

The vision of designers, knowledge of engineers and insights from the world’s best athletes were combined to develop the innovative Nike Free Flyknit. At ArtRio, Nike is translating that innovation into stunning works of art through partnerships with renowned contemporary artists.


“Zero Hidrográfico”, by Brasilian artists Gisela Motta and Leandro Lima, explores the concept of flexibility. Leveraging ocean wave movements to emphasize lightness, a web of blue fluorescent lights creates an ephemeral feeling for viewers. This lightness and sense of natural motion highlights the responsiveness of the Nike Free sole, which gives runners a barefoot-like feeling.

In “Fit”, by Universal Everything, visitors become part of the interactive installation for a tactile experience. In a series of four videos, flowing lines in different colors are triggered by the viewers’ movements. The lines illustrate the flexible structure of the Nike Free fabric, which delivers a precise fit for runners.

“Flexure” is a digital sculpture designed by Italian artists Davide Quayola and Natan Sinigaglia. Using video, the rectangular monolith is constantly evolving. The artwork is inspired by the tension between its physical structure and the concepts of elasticity and freedom, the same inspiration behind Free Flyknit.


The exhibition marks the arrival of the Limited Edition Nike Free Flyknit City Collection in Rio. This collection includes six different shoe models inspired by six cities recognized globally as running hubs: New York, London, Tokyo, Paris, Rio de Janeiro and Shanghai.

The version created especially for Rio offers a combination of black, differing shades of gray and yellow in the Swoosh and sole. This model is now sold exclusively in Brasil at Nike Ipanema.


Nature Amplified: The Art + Science of Fit, Flex + Freedom

Date: 10 am to 9 pm, Sept. 4-8

Venue: Armazém da Utopia
Av. Rodrigues Alves, s/nº ; Armazém 6 – Cais do Porto/Rio .

More information: www.nike.com/naturezaamplificada

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