One look at the new Nike Air Tech Challenge II QS Hybrid “Green Glow” wasn’t merely enough. New images are a must, right? You got it!

As per your request, we’re back to give you an in-depth look at the latest Nike Air Tech Challenge II hybrid. Having stirred up quite the buzz, many fans of the iconic silhouette are most fond of this styles’ green glow accents. What also dons white leather uppers and splatter detailing, this shoe wouldn’t be what it is without its bold tennis ball tongue branding.

Hitting European spots like Size? as we speak, stay tuned for any word on a stateside release.

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  1. J Swisha Corona says:

    Hotdamn!!! So cool it burns! (Y)

  2. Bobby Ponder says:

    litttt, is that even a real color???

  3. Matt Moreno says:

    Bryan Eible hard

  4. Anourath Luangpraseuth says:

    Jay Emile Brooky Brook Brook

  5. Kayla Smith says:

    Michael check out these bad boys.
    Ima own them

  6. Jada Alize Thurston says:

    Julio Armendariz the color scheme is beautiful.

  7. Julio Armendariz says:

    I fucking hate those shoes Jada Alize Thurston

  8. Jada Alize Thurston says:

    They’re kinda ugly but the colors aren’t!!!

  9. Jada Alize Thurston says:

    Now go like my pic on ig.

  10. Darlein E. Daniega says:

    hahahah mas maganda pa din J4 bby

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