nike-air-foamposite-aloha-customs-by-kreative-custom-kicksThere is a difference between sneaker customizers and sneaker artists. Customizers bust out popular colorways and make replicas of the kicks hitting the market, but sneaker artists push the envelope and make masterpieces that you can wear. Kreative Custom Kicks is a sneaker artist, and shows us why he’s one of the best in the game to do it.

The Nike Air Foamposite “Aloha” customs by Kreative Custom Kicks feature a landscape mural of the beaches of Hawaii, arriving in a mostly blue upper. Kreative used multiple shades of blue to differenate between the sky and oceanic water, which is separated by the view of lush green palm trees on the coast. The toe caps see light tan, sandy shores. Fluffy, white clouds float all over the top portion of the uppers, completing that paradise feel of Hawaii. Kreative decided to keep the original blue outsole of the Nike Air Foamposite “Weatherman” shoes, since they blend well with the colors used throughout the shoes.

We’re always excited to see what projects Kreative Custom Kicks is working on. He’s developed and honed his skills at the mural artwork seen on many of his custom projects, and always makes a true work of art. Check out some more angles of these shoes below!

nike-air-foamposite-aloha-customs-by-kreative-custom-kicks nike-air-foamposite-aloha-customs-by-kreative-custom-kicks

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