Nike has a lot in store for us this season. As we debuted the Nike Huarache Free not too long ago, we can now look forward to the addition of its lightweight basketball models. Both high-performance based models will feature Nike’s Free technology which essentially aims to provide the runner or athlete with a more natural free motion stride during activity.

The popular 90’s model has been modernized with segmented Free outsoles, mesh neoprene booties, and is to include various colorways that we’ve grown to love. Be on the lookout as the Nike 2012 Huarache Free Basketball and Running sneakers hit retailers this November.




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  1. Thanks in advance to everyone that passes on these for foams, sb’s and what ever garbage is hot “this week” you will help make these below retail in a few weeks..

  2. Oh my god these shoes are whack. They were whack when the originals came out when I was in 8th grade and C Webb was wearin’m. They are whack now. I guess I can see why nike would stick with the original black color combo–it’s decent–but the white is just horrible. Then there is this to consider: I only knew two guys back in the day that had these. Both of them bitched about how quickly they fell apart and started squeaking with every step. I mean they looked like they were cheaply made back then……


    How about the 91 solo flights or the 90 solo flights. Or some of the early 9Xs Forces’. What is it with nike re-releasing shoes that sucked back in the day and still suck?