She’s the hottest thing on the planet right now and apparently “M.C. Hammer fly…” From Hannah Montana to twerking on a screen near you, Miley Cyrus appears in Mike Will Made It’s new music video “23” which also features Juicy and Wiz Khalifa.

Altogether, Miley and company raps their respective verses about Jordans. As a bonus, Miley laces up a few memorable retros. Can you spot them? Check out the new Mike Will Made it “23” video below and let us know what you think about Miley Cyrus and her Jordan-having self.

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  1. I had heard the song already, but I wanted to see what J’s they were going to bring out. Miley was worth the look though she’s cute now.

  2. am i the only one who packed all their jordans up after this video came out? ben bertolini

  3. What a stupid video. Jordan isnt gonna sue shit he is happy that this trashy whore made this song now he can tap into the white teenage girl demographic in which now he is gonna make a even bigger killing.

  4. BTW didnt Whiz jus just come out with a shitty ass no talent Converse line bc thats all he wears is the worst one trick pony shoe on the market he should be rapping about how dumb he is for signing with Converse