Have you ever wanted to play like Michael Jordan? You know, glide from the free-throw line or cross over your opponent for the last shot? Well, as many have found out over the years, there can only be one Michael Jordan. What you can do however, is live like Michael Jordan. That is, if you have what sources are hinting at a spare $29,000,000.00 or better.

Beginning November 22, 2013, Michael Jordan and Concierge Auctions will partner to sell Jordan’s old home that he’s owned since the early ‘90s in an auction style to the highest bidder. This home is immaculate. Decorated and built to perfection, this spacious estate features 9 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, a tennis court, one-of-a-kind basketball court, bar and game room, and much more. Need we say more?

Check out the exclusive video tour below and gather your funds if you plan to live to G.O.A.T. Visit Concierge Auctions for more information.

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