A Billi…a Billi…

That’s right folks, Forbes has just reported that Michael Jeffrey Jordan, a.k.a. M.J., a.k.a. the G.O.A.T. has just become the newest member of the billionaire’s club. From the courts to the head office, the player turned owner of the Charlotte Hornets is cashing out as his latest move has upped his new worth.

As Forbes puts it:

The former NBA great has increased his stake in his basketball team to 89.5% from 80% during the past several months.

Adding in the success of his brand name, Jordan Brand, personal investments, endorsements, and more, we’d say that Michael Jordan was doing pretty well for himself.

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  1. He’s a billionaire cuz he charges people 180 for a shoe that cost him $16 dollars to make. No those numbers aren’t exaggerated. I did a presentation on marketing. That’s 200% profit

  2. All theses dummies standing in line to buy same shoes over and over again I’ll be a billionaire too. Congrats MJ

  3. I guess so I can’t count the Jordan’s I bought my kids and they didn’t run any faster nor jump any higher…

  4. the shoe may have 16$ leather and plastic on it, half of the price goes to the owner of the shop where you buy it. Ask yourself why… the other half is between nike and the factory. Jordan should win 5 bucks by shoes. wtf was your school ?

  5. He only gets 5% MJ isn’t the one setting the numbers and rippin off folks its the label his name is just attached

  6. People have a choice whether or not to buy his shoes just like women have a choice to pay all that money for poorly made designer handbags or shoes. Nobody tells them to lower their prices…

  7. Thanx to me for spending with him for the past 20 years lol I even buy for my kids thats 3 pairs a cop lol

  8. MJ built a fucking LEGACY!… I’m sure you can say the same thing about yourself… am I right?… lol. Clowns…

  9. that’s why some guys don’t have a house, car or bank account full of cash, cuz they camping in front of a footlocker, or any other store that sells jordans, I rather pay 50 for a pair of Nike than spending 200 or 300 on jordars just risking my life of getting robbed

  10. He should’ve been a multi billionaire! As long as Jordans been out, and all the other apparel he’s sold. He must’ve had a shitty contract, considering how much money he’s made 4 other companies! Never the less, he made it. #Props


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