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Lebron XI (11) “Watch The Throne” by Fuda Customs


You can stunt on haters when you rock your new kicks, but if you really wanna put them in their place, it’s time to invest in a sweet pair of custom shoes. The Lebron XI (11) “Watch The Throne” by Fuda Customs add speckled paneling on the uppers, a sky blue sole, a gold accents to the black shoe. The main source of inspiration is the Lebron IX “Watch The Throne,” but with some other spins on the sneaker. The Nike Swoosh is metallic gold, and the laces match the multicolored lining. Anybody rocking these will be automatically crowned King of the Sneakerheads! Check out close ups of these Fuda Customs below!

lebron-xi-11-watch-the-throne-by-fuda-customs lebron-xi-11-watch-the-throne-by-fuda-customs

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