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Last Reminder: Air Jordan I (1) OG “Black Toe” Releases TOMORROW!

Air Jordan I 1 OG Black Toe Release Info

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not all about giving you guys news over here at Sneaker Files; we care about you, dear reader, which is precisely why we’ve decided to give you one more reminder about the Air Jordan I (1) OG “Black Toe” and its impending release. This shoe is going to sell out quicker than cheap ammo in Texas, so you’d better get your information straight if you plan on being successful. If you’re planning on copping at your local spot, I hope you’ve done your due diligence, as you most likely won’t be able to just stroll in tomorrow at your own leisure, wave at the pimply-faced shoe clerk and say “Size 11. Now.” like some kind of superstar (unless you are, in fact, some kind of superstar… but in that case, you were probably already comped some free pairs, like this guy); if you haven’t already signed up for your store’s raffle/ticket process or posted up outside the doors with your lawn chair and snacks, your chances are nil on the “in-store” front. But fret not, my under-prepared friend; we’ve got you covered with the online info!

To recap, most of the major Jordan Brand retailers will be releasing the Air Jordan I (1) OG “Black Toe” online tomorrow morning at 8am EST. This includes Nikestore, the Foot Soldiers (aka Foot Locker and Foot Action), Champs, and Eastbay. Nikestore will be a “Twitter Link Only” release, meaning that you will only be able to find the shoe with the link that @Nikestore tweets tomorrow morning at 8am EST sharp. Also, our good friend Backpack Jimmy and his minions over at JimmyJazz.com will be releasing the “Black Toe” OG 1s as well, but, as is always the case with Jimmy Jazz, they’ll be releasing them online tonight at 12am EST. If you decide to go the Jimmy Jazz route this evening, be ready for the “Be Right Back” screen and endless amounts of screen-loading, as is the case for most major Retro Jordan releases. Patience is key, but nimble fingers and a quick connection will be even more useful in this case, as it’s been rumored that Jordan Brand has allocated very few pairs to most stores, with numbers approaching “OG Royal 1s” status. Let us hope they are just that – rumors – and every store has a plentiful stock for their customers to snatch up (we can dream, right?).

Will you be going for the “Black Toe” 1s tomorrow morning? Have another shoe (or shoes) in mind? Let us know in the comments below, and as always, good luck, good reader! We here at Sneaker Files hope you have a safe and successful Saturday!

Air Jordan I 1 OG Black Toe Another Look

Air Jordan I 1 OG Black Toe Another Look

Air Jordan I 1 OG Black Toe Another Look

Available Online at:
Nike.com (8am EST, Twitter Link Only)
Foot Locker (8am EST)
FootAction.com (8am EST)
Champs Sports (8am EST)
Eastbay.com (8am EST)
JimmyJazz.com (12am EST)

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