Robber Shot And Killed After Attempting To Rob Sneakerheads In Line

S#*% just got real in the ATL…

A group of people camping out for this morning’s sneaker releases at an ATL sneaker spot were confronted by an armed man, who attempted to rob them. One of the people in line, who happened to be carrying a firearm, drew his weapon and fired on the would-be robber, killing him. After interviewing several witnesses (who were undoubtedly waiting to cop a pair of Nike LeBron X EXT “Denim” or, less likely, the Jordan Son Of Mars Low “Cement”), it seems the police have ruled the shooting as self-defense, as the shooter hasn’t been arrested and charges have yet to be filed; however, the investigation is still ongoing.

While this isn’t the first case of violence over sneakers, nor is it the first killing, it is the first story I can recall of a potential victim killing the potential robber in self-defense. Someone losing their life is never a good thing, but hopefully something good can be taken from this situation. Robbing people is never a smart move, and people need to think twice before attempting something like that. I can’t lie and say I feel bad for the victim; I don’t. But I can say that I hope that more people don’t die because they decided to try robbing the wrong person; if you can’t afford something, work for it until you can buy it, instead of trying to steal it from someone who did put in the work to get it.

Let us know in the comments below, have you ever been robbed or had someone try to rob you of your kicks? If so, what happened? And also, how do you feel about carrying a weapon with you to cop kicks? Lastly, for those of you that usually buy your kicks at a physical location, please be safe and smart out there, as people are becoming more and more heartless and shady. Try to roll with friends when you’re going to cop kicks, and if you’re rolling dolo, don’t carry a weapon unless you are responsible, and most importantly, legally allowed to carry a weapon. Peace!