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Keep Your Angry Girlfriend Away From Your Sneaker Collection


Ladies, this is unacceptable. Why? Why must you go for the sneakers? If you must, please take your anger out on anything else but the sneakers.

As many girlfriends have ended arguments by simply vandalizing their boyfriend’s sneaker collection, that is about as bad as it gets for any sneaker connoisseur. From the shredding and tearing to the burning and marking them up with Sharpie markers, no one wants to see their sneaker collection diminish. For one sneaker goer, this is exactly what happened as his girlfriend went straight for the kicks when things didn’t go her way.

Unacceptable ladies, unacceptable! But you know what, we’ve got something for you… :) .

Check out a sad, deconstructed sneaker collection by watching Ern millz’s post on Vine.


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