Jordan Future (non-woven)
After having seen the Jordan Future in Royal, Volt, and Black and White, it appears there is more than one style than just the woven upper we’ve been seeing. An image of a non-woven Jordan Future has surface on Instagram featuring what appears to be 3M nylon upper and Teal outsoles. It is unknown at the moment if this is just a sample or a final product; continue to check back with Sneakerfiles for more information as it becomes available. If this is just the start of what’s to come in the Jordan Future line, I can’t wait to see what else Jordan Brand has up their selves. Don’t forget to let us know what you think: Do you prefer the non-woven over the woven? Do wish that the Jordan Future hype will end? Which is your favorite pair so far?

Jordan Future (non-woven)
Photos via kicksordie.


  1. All you gotta do is wrap the top of some 11’s in plumbers tape and wallah –Behold, da Future of Air Jordans.

  2. Why in the hell are these freaking shoes so expensive online?? This is getting crazy, jordan brand, you should be ashamed of yourselves, at least make more shoes so that the online stupidity can stop. Hey you might even sell more shoes??
    Am I the only one thinking this, I would love a pair of these but I am not going to fight somebody for them my god!

  3. Melanie these should be next on your list, they’re like if feet condoms were a thing and MMM were designing them.

  4. Marcos Constantino summer tym with shorts gonna look sick if I get dem I’ll letchu use dem brother dey got different colors


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